Unusual but Cool Things to Do in DC

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Washington Tourist Attractions

The US capital has many wonderful attractions that bring in millions of visitors every year. The main tourist attractions in DC are the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the United States Capitol Building, the National Mall, the Washington Monument, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the National Zoological Park, and many more. Apart from all the usual attractions in DC, given below are some unusual places you can consider exploring during your Washington DC private tours.

National Bonsai Museum

The National Bonsai Museum is one of its kind museums in DC. This museum was opened in 1976 and some Japanese people gifted fifty-three bonsai trees to Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State for commemorating the US bicentennial. You can see 150 miniature specimen collections here, with varieties of bonsai like the Chokkan, Kengai, etc.

The Dupont Underground

Beneath Washington DC’s Dupont Circle, there is an abandoned trolley station, but now those tunnels are more of an art space. The local artists of the city have made it an art space by art installations, and incorporating light and sound. The concrete walls are adorned with Graffiti and there are even many artistic pieces you can see along the tunnel.

The Exorcist Stairs

If you happen to be in Georgetown ExxonMobil gas station, you will be able to notice a long steep staircase built between a warehouse and a stonewall. This is the exorcist stairs that was featured in “The Exorcist”, a horror movie released in 1973. These stairs are built in a creepy way with ivy-covered walls and narrow dimensions.

Jose Andres’ Minibar

Jose Andres is known as one of America’s top innovative chefs. Though there are many of his restaurants throughout the DC, minibar is where he tries out most of his creative food. Here, it is difficult to get a reservation, and at night, they serve just 12 people. Recent of his menus contain a red sangria with a frozen watermelon cube as garnish, mojito, and chicken wings.

Southwest Duck Pond

Though DC is known for its monumental green spaces, the Southwest Duck Pond is something that is under appreciated. Yet this park is a great place to relax, and the main attraction in the park is four fountains in a large pond. There are large shade trees planted in the interiors and are lined by retaining walls.

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