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Africans constitute a crucial population in the US. Their contribution to the better of the country is really remarkable. The thought of setting up a museum solely for them came to action much later. However, tourists drove from their American history museum tours to visit The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in great numbers. It showcases elaborately of what they had contributed to American politics, art, sports, medicine and fashion.

Establishment of NMAAHC

It was in 2016, that the museum was opened to the public after many years of strenuous effort. The museum was designed by David Adjaye, a Ghanaian –British architect. At the time of its opening, it had 37,000 artifacts which hint of the African American which have been active since the 15th century.

Getting a pass to the museum

By a ticketing system called Etix, visitors can avail tickets free of charge as it is a Smithsonian museum. The only thing to note while visiting is that it is a timed entry pass which is made available online right from 6.30 am. Besides weekends, walk-up passes can be fetched from 1 pm onwards. Moreover, group reservations can be obtained online.

The major layout of the building

In the three levels of the museum, you could find everything related to Afro Americans. The lower floor is meant for introducing the visitors with History of Africans in the land of America. The top floors showcase their heritage and culture. Maps of the museum whereabouts will be made available by staff members. Moreover, there will be some recommendations on where to start.

What can you expect at the museum?

From the ground floors, you could witness artifacts associated with Civil Wars, the era of segregation, Emmett Till’s murder, the Black Panther Party, Declaration of Emancipation, Transatlantic Slave Trade and many more. By the time you reach the top floors, you can behold more of Presidency of Barack Obama and even the thought-provoking Black Lives Matter Movement.

Tips to note before visiting

Considering the tourist inflow to the museum, it is better to fetch an early timed pass. Wearing anything that is comfortable will be good as you may spend a sizeable time in the museum among the large crowd. Talking to any Washingtonians would turn out to be fruitful, as the raw details linked with the museum and the Afro-American ways can be experienced.

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