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Washington DC is a stunning city that is full of life and never-ending attractions. Hence, the number of visitors flocking to this city is skyrocketing with every passing year. Without any doubts, it will be extremely challenging to travel with kids regardless of the place. Even though DC is one of the most overlooked cities in this context, the spectacular city has plenty of fun and educating attractions to offer.

According to some frequent travelers, the key to avoiding cranky children is to manage the time strategically. If you are wondering about the kid-friendly attractions in Washington DC and the best ways to explore the city with your kids, below are some of the perfect options.

Choose your Hotel Carefully

Unlike a solo or adults-only trip, you cannot choose a hotel just like that when you are with your kids. Rather, you will have to do good research about the best hotels in DC that are perfect to meet your requirements. Note that you are likely to spend a good share of your time in the hotel room. Hence, make sure that your kids will be comfortable. Some of the factors that most people look for while choosing a hotel in this case include;

  • The accommodation expenses have to come within the desired budget
  • The location of the hotel must be close to most of the attractions. On a related note, the traffic scene in DC is really bad and it will be hard for you to travel around the city with your kids, otherwise. Even though there are numerous other transportation options like metros, buses, etc., it is better to rent a car so that it will be hassle-free to get around Washington DC with your little ones.
  • The hotel must include the breakfast option in their service. Otherwise, you are likely to travel with starving kids until you spot a fine restaurant. Without any doubts, keeping your kids starving will be the last thing you would think about. Then, you can give brownie points to every amenity the hotel offers such as a pool, playing area, etc.

Explore the Smithsonian Museums

Taking your kids to Smithsonian museums will be a great choice since the entry is free of cost. You can see a number of wings here that are dedicated to different types of exhibits such as history, science, nature, etc. There will be hardly any kid who does not enjoy the exhibits of the National Air and Space Museum. There are numerous activities and zones here that are specially designed for kids.

Besides, you cannot predict the mood of kids all the time. Sometimes, they may get cranky and make you return to your hotel room without letting you explore things. Therefore, if you pick a paid option like the Holocaust museum, it will be a huge loss.

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