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Washington DC, well-known for its political and historical background, is also definitely one of the best places to explore on your holidays. The city hosts numerous treasured museums that are popular for their marvelous exhibits, not to mention astounding architectural structure. To experience the quintessence of Washington, you may want to throw in a few American History Museum tours while in the city.

Aside from that, the attractions in the city are more appealing during summertime, when the wondrous structures glisten in the sunlight. There are a number of attractions you can enjoy in the capital city during the summer, especially in June. Below are some of the best things that you can see and do.

Capital Pride

Capital Pride is a carnival of the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) community that is celebrated all around the city. This year the theme of the celebration is ‘Element of Us’, bowing to the continuous fight for securing the rights of the LGBT population. The main highlights include a block party, the well-known pride parade, a rooftop pool party, and the pride festival and concert. City-wide celebrations start June 7th, and will last until the 10th.

Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival

This is actually the celebration of Bluegrass music conducted at the Kingman Island at Oklahoma Avenue NE on June 9th. At this music fest, you can enjoy various outstanding performances by both veteran and amateur artists in the Folk and Bluegrass genres. In spirit, the festival is dedicated to the community and its sustainability. In order to enjoy the music festival to the fullest, go with friends or family. Carry some of your favorite food and beverages as well.

AFI Docs

AFI Docs, or the documentaries of American Film Institute, are the perfect entertainment for all the movie lovers. From June 13th to 17th, American documentaries about various topics that include national politics, the culture of the city, sports, education, music, health, and many more will be exhibited. This is one of the leading and most popular film festivals in the country. The interesting this is that the documentaries are presented to the public on a large IMAX screen. The tourist mayhem resulting from this is proof of the influence of movies on the community and on people in general. Check their official website first to know about availability of seats.

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