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There are a lot of people who love to visit weird and unusual places. If you are one such, given below is a guide to some unusual things you can do in Washington during your Washington DC private tours.

Fly High in the Air

If you are up to an adventure, head over to the Trapeze School location in the DC and have fun juggling. According to the skill level, there are different classes they offer. There are wide varieties of aerial arts including trapeze, silks, trampoline, etc., and there are classes even for kids.

Watch the DC Divas Game

For all the football lovers out there, buy a ticket and go watch the DC Divas game; women’s professional football team that has been playing for 16 years. They play the games with so full of energy and enthusiasm, and you will definitely get inspired watching them play.

Go for Horseback riding at the Rock Creek Park

If you are a nature lover or like horseback riding, visit the Rock Creek Park. This is a 1745-acre park with lush green forests, bike and hiking trails, and 21 km of gravel bridle path. You can take riding classes here and guided trips are there too.

Know a Little Bit of History

The National Museum of Health and Medicine is a museum, which is run by the United States military. This museum was formerly known by the name ‘Army Medical Museum’ and was opened at the time of the Civil War. Here, you can see many historical exhibits.

Try a Real-Life Escape Game

In DC, there are mainly three locations for the interactive escape game, each one having a specific theme and activity. In the Glover Park, you could escape by finding the hidden objects; in Georgetown, movie themes will drive the game; and in Old Town Alexandria, games have to do with wizards, spying, etc.

A Spy Tour

Watching spies in movies is fun, and obviously, it will be amazing to see them in real life. There are many spy tours in Washington DC to fulfill that desire; the guide of the tours will be a real-life spy who used to be an Intelligence officer.

Visit Christian Catacombs

Rome and Paris are very famous for their catacombs; however, if you are in America, visit the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, where you can find relics and holy shrine. Under the monastery, you can see a replica of the Roman catacombs.

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