First Timer’s Guide to Eating and Drinking in Washington DC

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Even when Washington DC is not as big as Los Angeles or New York, travelers would still like to plan to eat and drink their way through the capital of the nation. Here are some of the best places you could ever find to explore the taste of food and drinks during your DC tours.


This is a Thai-influenced restaurant which is located on H Street. This is also a high-end coffee spot as well as a fashion store. You can only skip the shopping here if you don’t have at least 180 dollars (because even a normal T-shirt from here will cost you that). The communal tables at the back of Maketto have dishes like rice bowls, noodles soups, and bao. The fried chicken and crispy dumplings will derail your plans for sightseeing which would be worth it too. Upstairs of the café has got coffee and pastries which make it a place to work on your trip.

Hill Country Barbeque Market

You can stop by the Hill Country Barbeque market to explore the taste of the best barbeque in the District if you plan to go to the Capital One Arena for seeing games or shows. A platter of smoked brisket along with cheese and mac is the top recommendation of this place. You can also head down to the downstairs to the bar where you can enjoy live music.

Timber Pizza Company

Most people choose Timber to have the best pizza in the city. Timber was started in the year 2014 as a food truck and its first brick-and0 mortar store was opened in the year 2016. The place is very special for the natives of Washington DC. This is a small place that offers a cozy neighborhood feeling and has a lot of communal dining tables. Finding a place here is not always easy. You can grab a cocktail or a beer while waiting for your name to be called.

Florida Avenue Grill

The place is celebrated for serving Southern Comfort food since the 1940s. This can be the best choice to start your day with a simple breakfast as they treat you well with huge portions of bacon, eggs, and cornbread. The peculiarity of this place is that it serves breakfast all at all times of the day.

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