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One of the major factors that define the culture and tradition of a place is the authentic dishes there. It’s not just the taste of the food that matters. Rather, everything related to the dish such as ingredients, technique, the unique blend of flavors, recipe, etc. All these factors usually reflect the authentic flavors of particular places.

One of the beautiful places that boast mouth-watering food dishes and culture is Washington DC. Most people will be amazed by this statement since the city is mainly in the limelight for its historical and political prominence. However, if you have a Washington DC tour on the horizon, make sure to taste some of the following signature dishes to make your DC tours a flavorful one.

The Greasy Burgers

After a long tiring day, almost every local, tourist, night owl, congressmen, or barflies, tend to hit the Tune Inn bar-restaurant at night to shed their sins of the day. This exceptional eatery is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and is in the field since 1947. Some people come here at early hours to enjoy the strong and cheap beverages. Note that the bar will be open by 10:00 am. On the other hand, the majority of the customers here will be waiting for the signature finger-licking dish hangover cure served at the restaurant; the irresistible greasy burgers.

This traditional burger is so crisp on the outer side and juicy inside. Plus, a greasy burger is made with 100% beef. To take the meaty taste of the burger to the next level, pair it with ice-cold bubbly soft drinks or a glass of foamy beer. Furthermore, do not expect a cozy or serene vibe at the eatery. Rather, you can see a deer head mounted on the wall along with a dusty assortment of taxidermy, doodads, and many other memorabilia that cover almost every space on the wall. However, loyal customers often overlook all these factors since the signature dish here is that tasty and good.

Korean Fried Chicken

Unlike the popular American cities such as Kansas, Memphis, or Nashville, Washington DC does not boast a history with crispy fried chicken. However, Washingtonians are great at understanding and embracing good things, especially when it comes to food dishes. No wonder, Washington DC is known for their crispy Korean fried chicken.

Unlike southern fried chicken dishes that feature a thicker crust, this dish is made with a light textured batter that forms a paper-thin crust outside the juicy chicken. As you bite, this thin crust will explode with outstanding chicken flavor from the very first bite. One of the extremely popular restaurants where you can enjoy Korean fried chicken in DC is Bul Koreans in Adams Morgan. Note that you can order your chicken in 3 ways; plain, with spicy hot chili sauce, and in the soy, ginger, and garlic sauce.

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