How to Explore Washington DC in the Most Exciting Ways during Summer

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Washington DC is one of the best countries in the world to visit. If you are planning a trip to the capital, it would be better to explore the secret places in the city that are worth a visit, than the crowded and noisy mainstream attractions. This would make your Washington DC tour more interesting and enjoyable.

Even though there are many hidden gems in the city, it is best to visit something that is very close to nature which depicts the true culture and soul of Washington. This will also help you escape from the scorching heat during the summer days. Nevertheless, always carry a bottle of water along with you while exploring the city during summer, so that you can keep yourselves hydrated.

One of such best place in Washington is Fort DeRussy, which is hidden in a forest in the middle of the city. This is the best place to escape from the bustling city, as well as the pesky sun rays. Below are some in-depth details about Fort DeRussy so that you can explore this place easily during your tours of Washington DC.

Fort DeRussy

This was actually a civil war fort in the capital, which is now almost engulfed by the forest. During the time of civil war, Washington was a stronghold city with Confederate armies frightening the capital from every direction. During this time, the union army encircled the city with a series of earthen forts as a defense. Most of these earthen forts were destroyed and even disappeared, leaving only some trails and names across the region. Some of these forts are Fort Dupont Park, Fort Totten Metro, Battery Kemble, etc.

Fort DeRussy is located near the meeting point of Oregon Avenue and Military Road. You can reach here through the small and fairly marked dirt pathway that will lead you to the woods of famous Rock Creek Park. You can see a dirt moat of around six feet that stands up against the walls, which is also a dozen feet high, amidst the long branches of trees and bushy shrubs.

This area is enclosed within a wall in the form of a ring, and spans an area that is about the size of a basketball court. Even though the military career of Fort DeRussy is long since over, it will be the best place to play ‘capture the flag’ in the Washington city. Furthermore, the cooling breeze in the woods is a perfect respite from the summer heat.

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