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The National Zoo is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Washington DC. The Zoo is home to over 1500 animals from up to 300 species, each species different from one another. If you are planning to visit the 163-acre urban park situated in Rock Creek Park, you need a compilation list that highlights its most sought after animals.

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo attracts millions of visitors each year. Below are its popular animals. If there is animal lover in you, this place is a must-visit when on private tours Washington DC.

Giant Pandas

Male giant panda namely Tian Tian and female giant panda Mei Xiang are popular here. They are on loan from the National Zoo China partly for research, conservation, and breeding purpose. They inhabit at the Fujifilm Giant Panda Habitat, which is the Zoo’s section that leads visitors to the ‘Asia Trail’ and exhibits other giant pandas as well.

Asian Elephants

The National Zoo started ‘Elephant Trials’ in 2008 concentrated mainly on the elephants from Asia. It is home to plenty of multigenerational elephants. The popular elephant namely Kandula was shipped to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden in 2015.

Andean Bears

As the name implies, Andean bears route from the Andes and its distant the mountain ranges, from Venezuela to Bolivia. They are one of the endangered species as listed by International Union for Conservation of Nature. In the National Zoo, they live next to its Amazonia Exhibit that displays tropical animals like pacu, arapaima, tanagers, piranhas, and a two-toed sloth.

Sumatran Tigers

The National Zoo in DC is replete with three of tiger species namely Soyono, Damai, and Soyono’s tiger cub Guntur. The Zoo expanded in the recent past its ‘Great Cats’ exhibit; the then tiger cub Damai arrived in the Zoo at that time, with her male tiger expected to arrive later that year. The ‘Great Cats’ program of the National Zoo has an improved look as of now, and features signs that reveal relevant information regarding the species of the animals, also highlighting the tiger conservation of Smithsonian Institution.

African Lions

The National Zoo also features African lions. Those lions are considered as endangered species, but the Zoo provides shelter to them at the ‘Great Cats’ exhibit. If you are interested to watch, note that cheetahs head to the ‘Cheetah Conservation Station’.

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