Nine Reasons to Visit the Botanic Garden in Washington DC

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The Botanic Garden in Washington DC is a kid-friendly and free-to-enter natural beauty located at the National Mall. The area surrounding Washington DC has various national parks and the city is also home to a famous live plant museum which is the United States Botanic Garden located at 100 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington DC, 20001. The Botanic Garden welcomes more than one million visitors every year and it informs them about the importance of plants to the mankind.

There are a number of reasons to include the visit to the Botanic Garden in the Washington DC while you are on DC tours. Listed below are a few of them.

The Entry to the US Botanic Garden is Free

The entry to the US Botanic Garden to explore all the wondrous plant specimens and its features is free. The National and Conservatory Garden of this place is open on all days of a year from 10 am to 5 pm; the National Garden would be open until 7 pm from the Memorial Day to Labor Day and Bartholdi Park stays open on all days from dawn to dusk.

It is the oldest Botanic Garden in the US that Operates Continually 

The history of the Botanic Garden coincides with the history of the US itself – Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison wished to see a botanic garden at the place and it is their efforts that led to the establishment of the US Botanic Garden in the year 1820. The Garden has been operating continuously since 1850, and since the year 1933 at the place at which it is currently located.

The US Botanic Garden is 28,944 Square Feet in Area

One among the crown jewels of the Botanic Garden is its conservatory which is a greenhouse that consists of ten garden rooms (under glass) and two courtyard gardens. The gardens and the permanent exhibits that are housed inside offer an array of environments and plants which often provide the visitors a comprehensive experience that helps them to engage their sense of smell, sight and sound.

An Entire Room of the Botanic Garden Dedicated for Orchids is a Visual Treat 

One of the major attractions of the conservatory is a room that is dedicated to one of the most mythic plants, the orchids. An entire area of the garden is been dedicated to an ever-changing display of orchids. The U. S. Botanic Garden possesses around five thousand specimens of orchids in total and hundreds of them are available to view any day.

There is a Hidden DC Gem in the Bartholdi Park 

Bartholdi Park is a two-acre space that is located across Independence Avenue from the Conservatory of the U. S. Botanic Garden. This place is ideal for people who are looking for peaceful isolation; it features sheltered benches for the visitors to be in the shade during the summer and in the cascading sunlight during the winter. There is also a very beautiful Bartholdi Foundation which is often a sight for the sore eyes of the visitors. The park has a stunning variety of plants from roses to perennials to evergreens.

You Can Also Visit the Desert while Visiting the Capital of the Nation

You can visit the desert while visiting the US Botanic Garden, but not literally. However, the Botanic Garden has a World Deserts Room with a lot of succulents, grasses, shrubs and many varieties of flowering plants.

The Botanic Garden is an Outdoor Oasis/ Laboratory 

The National Garden showcases environments of the Mid-Atlantic region along with plants from all parts of the country. The key features are the First Ladies Water Garden that honors the contributions of the First Ladies in the US, and the Rose Garden that highlights roses that thrive in the Mid-Atlantic regions. This outdoor oasis/laboratory is a great educator for people who aspire to be gardeners.

There is a Children’s Garden in the Botanic Garden

The Children’s Garden in the Botanic Garden is an excellent outdoor space for children and it helps in building their curiosity about the natural world. Kids can touch and smell the plants and even use gardening tools, dig, make a vine tunnel in the garden and enjoy the platform climbing structure. There is much more to do for children, and parents can sit in the shaded area in the meantime.

Many Endangered and Rare Plant Species can be seen in this Conservatory

Along with the mission of conserving the plants and educating the visitors about the importance of plants, Botanic Garden in the US offers a solely dedicated area for housing endangered and rare species of plants. The display settings are changed often which highlights plants that would be hard-pressed to be found at other places of the world.

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