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Washington DC is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. In fact, it can be said that DC is designed in a way to impress visitors. You can find everything here; be it an amazing culture, heritage, adventure, food, fashion, and whatnot. Unsurprisingly, most travelers opt to spend their holidays in the capital city of the United States. It is quite natural for you to get confused when it comes to crafting a perfect tour itinerary. After all, there are a countless number of attractions here such as national monuments, museums, parks, activities, etc. Each of these options has their own unique stories to convey. With the help of a reliable Washington DC tour guide, you can design an itinerary that will let you uncover most of the popular and captivating landmarks in the city. Sometimes, you can get to venture certain areas of DC that you haven’t ever heard about. You never know, these little surprises may make your trip a treasurable memory for the rest of your life. If you are still skeptical about the right tour option to consider, you may go through the following list.

Hop on hop off bus tours

Hop on hop off bus tours will be a great option for all the travelers who love to explore the city at their own leisure but in an affordable way. You can either purchase your tickets on spot or you may pre-book them depending on your convenience. However, the latter will be ideal if you are planning to travel around the city for more than two days. In this option, there will be an inclusive network of tour buses, mostly the ones with open-top, that will let you hop on at any of their stops and cruise around the District of Columbia. Alternately, you can get down at any of their stops and explore the place as much as you like. Then, re-board on the next bus that comes by and follow the same pattern. Note that there are around 40 hop-on-hop-off bus routes in DC and you can explore most parts of the city this way at an affordable price.  Some of the popular landmarks in the city that you can cover this way include the White House, the National Zoo, the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museums, Georgetown, etc.

Washington DC duck tour

This is a short tour option that you may try on one of your DC holidays. The duck boat is a kind of amphibious transport vehicle. That is, after cruising around the city for a few minutes, it will transform into a boat and get down into the water. Hence, it got the name. If you are looking forward to getting the lay of the land and the beautiful view of some bigger architectural wonders, this 90-minute tour option will be just perfect. The tour usually starts on the Union Station and take a stroll along the Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, and some other more renowned landmarks in the city.  Then, it will splash swiftly into the Potomac River; this will surely be an extraordinary experience for the travelers. While cruising on the river, you can witness an entirely different perspective of the American capital city. Most hardcore travelers often recommend enjoying this activity on the first day of your DC trip to get a perfect introduction to this picturesque city.

Washington DC Bike tours

Washington DC is a bike-friendly city and hence, opting for a bike tour will be a great option for all the adventure junkies out there. The flat and fantastic roadways of the city feature dedicated bike lanes that will surf their way between the enchanting monuments and administrative hubs in the city. If you are wondering about the time limit for your bike tour, it actually depends on your personal preference. However, a three-hour bike tour will be enough to cover most of the major sights in DC such as Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, the National Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, etc. Besides, try to consider bike tour companies that offer comfy hybrid bikes along with some snacks and a bottle of water. If you are with your family, you can choose bikes fitted with trailers for the kids.

Washington DC Segway tour

A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-propelled bike that is extremely fun to ride. If you have ever yearned to ride these scooters, it will be ideal to give it a try when you are in DC. This way you can fulfill your wish while exploring some beautiful places in this magical city. Usually, every Segway tour company tends to provide a training session for every first-timer so that you will get an idea regarding how to operate and ride the scooter. After this, you can be on your own rolling down the mesmerizing city soaking up some incredible sights. The best time to enjoy a Segway ride is during the night when the entire city will be illuminated with lights. If you are a first-time visitor, you may consider a guided Washington DC Segway tour so that you will not miss out on anything. Note that the number of people in Segway tour groups will be limited so that the guide can explain things well to every customer. Note that you will be riding the vehicle as he/she explains things.

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