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Washington DC is regarded as the museum capital of the nation. You can also expect a countless number of accompanying gift shops here. However, the merchandise at museums gift shops is usually expensive. Still, the enticing and unique pieces that they sell support the museums that do not charge an entry fee from the visitors. Plus, you can own an exclusive souvenir that you can find nowhere else. Are you interested in venturing some of these amazing museums gift shops on your private Washington DC tours? Below is a list of the best choices in the American capital city.

The National Gallery of Art

The popular West Gift Shop is located in the National Gallery of Art and it consumes nearly half of the basement level of the museum. This explains the range of stuff that you may find here. The specialty here is that almost every knick-knack that you find is modeled after the famous artworks exhibited here. For instance, you can find incredible earrings that are designed after the popular ‘water lilies’ of Monet. You can also find artsy clothing, painting stuff, installation guides, etc., at this museum gift shop. You are likely to be amazed by the wide range of artworks-inspired books, posters, and home accessories that are sold at the gift shop. Furthermore, there is an East Gift Shop as well in the museum where you can find reproduced textiles and prints.

Hirshorn Museum

This is one of the best contemporary art museums in DC and is located in southwest Washington. This avant-garde museum echoes nothing but its eclectic range of collection. The gift shop here is also a part of its exhibits. It features a countless number of blocks that are wrapped from the wall to the floor. It is arranged in a way that it displays string of multiple messages. The gift shop is not that big. Still, it boasts a fascinating range of unique trinkets and art books. Are you an admirer of modern art painting and would love to make one? Then, you can find almost everything that you need at this gift shop.

The National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most coveted options in the American capital city and almost every traveler may choose to explore it.  The gift shop here is the home of the scandalous Einstein bobbleheads. You can always find more than twenty such bobbleheads sitting on the shelves bobbling their heads up and down. These bobbleheads are made as a tribute to the man who formulated the relationship between energy, mass, and the speed of the light. Additionally, you can find plenty of aviation-themed merchandise at this gift shop such as rocket alarm clocks, astronaut suits for children, telescopes, etc.

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