Self-Guided Tours in Washington DC

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Tours In Washington DC

DC Tourist Attractions

Self-guided tours are a great choice to explore Washington DC at your own time and convenience. It is important to know that not every visitor would have the time to take a guided tour in DC. Most tour schedules would not work for visitors who have a lot of things planned to do in a limited period, and also for people who like to enjoy exploring the place on their own. In this matter, it is always best to take advantage of a self-guided tour which would be free.

Many tours are offered in Washington which mainly includes self-guided tours of the National Mall, White House, Arlington Cemetery, Georgetown, and so on.

Self Guided Tour of the National mall and other Memorials

All the memorials of Washington DC tell the visitors about the men and women from the past and present. Self-guided tours of the national mall and memorials show us the history, symbolism, and the hidden stories of these sites.

Self Guided Tours of the White House in Washington

White House is one of the most famous buildings in America, and it is also a must-stop destination while you are on DC tours. It may be a bit challenging to go inside, and therefore it is been recommended to visit the place from the outside. You can learn about the heroes from the American Revolution as you walk through the park.

Self-Guided Tour of Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC

Arlington National Cemetery was established while the Civil War took place, and is an indication to the service and sacrifice of many men and women of the Army. Leaving Washington DC without paying a visit to this place that has many hallowed grounds that serve as a resting place for over four hundred thousand ex-members o the Army.

Self-Guided Tours of Georgetown

Georgetown is older than the rest of all the places in Washington by nearly fifty years. It is also a quaint neighborhood that posses excellent shopping areas, restaurants, and one among the highly reputable universities. Cupcakes and dessert tours of Georgetown is one of the most recommended tours that are chosen by most visitors when they are in Georgetown.

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