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Situated on a hill 4 miles north of the US Capitol, the Brookland neighborhood is home to many chapels, schools, and churches, that all cater to its Catholic community. Casual restaurants and arty attractions also make the neighborhood worth exploring on tours of Washington DC. People call it “Little Rome”, but there is more to it than just the sanctified places. Below are the top 6 things to do when in the Brookland neighborhood.

Walk around the Franciscan Monastery Gardens

Some of the loveliest gardens in the District are tucked away on the premises of this site, where cloister walks, Holy Land shrines’ replicas, and several seasonal flowers create a tranquil mood. Guided tours of the spacious site take place from April through to October for free.

Visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

This Basilica pays homage to Virgin Mary with several chapels. When in here, look for those tributes to her distinct incarnations, comprising a colorful and mosaic-tiled one dedicated to Virgin of the Guadalupe, and a tranquil space that honor Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Try Local Food at the Thriving Restaurants

The DC neighborhood is home to several restaurants that are worth making a pit stop. From wood-fired pizzas and other Neapolitan dishes at the Menomale Pizza restaurant to craft beer and open-air dining at the Smith Public Trust restaurant, there are many places to have food in the area. So make sure to munch on some local food when here during your tours in Washington DC.

Break a Leg at the Dance Place

This long-time choreography powerhouse plays host to dance troupes as well as musical performances throughout a year. Acts that take place in what is regarded as an industrial-cool venue range from Cuban salsa to relatively new local acts, whereas classes and free events also attract dance lovers.

Explore the Metropolitan Branch Trail on a Bicycle

If you do not have a bicycle, then rent one from the Washington DC citywide bicycle-sharing system, and head down or up this mile-long, paved trail that connects the Union Station in the District with downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. This is a fun activity for both the young and the adults.

Find Cool Crafts on the Monroe Street Market

This market offers a pedestrian-only collection of galleries as well as local creators like Stitch and Rivet, with handmade leather or cotton bags, and Cedric Baker for oil paintings. Most of its galleries stay open weekends, yet it is best to call before heading there to check that or make an appointment.

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