Underrated Places in DC you May Not Know About

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Underrated Places In DC

There are a huge number of tourist spots in Washington DC; however, most people only visit the famous places in DC. It will be quite interesting to know that there are a few spots in DC, which even the natives may not know of. Given below are a few underrated places in the US capital city that you can explore during your next Washington DC private tours.

Blue Lake Trail, North Cascades

The Blue Lake Trail is a five-mile trek that will take you to a pristine lake by way of forests, towering granite peaks, wildflowers, and meadows. In fact, this trail is easy to find as the parking lot is situated right off the Highway 20.

Salt Mine Arium, Bellevue

To experience the benefits of salt therapy, head over to the Salt Mine Arium in Bellevue. Here, you can get an all-natural, drug-free therapy that can benefit the skin, lungs, and body.

Auto-Vue Drive-In Theater, Colville

There are not many drive-in theaters in Washington. One of the few drive-in theaters where you can enjoy during summer nights is in the Auto-Vue Drive-In Theater located in Colville that was opened in the year 1953.

Ross Lake National Recreation Area

The beautiful Ross Lake, which is located in the North Cascades National Park, is an amazing place to explore during Washington DC private tours. The lake has crystal clear waters, plenty of places to camp, and lush forest.

Spencer Spit State Park

The Spencer Spit State Park is a 138-acre marine and camping park located on Lopez Island in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This park not only has a serene and peaceful atmosphere but also stays free of the tourist crowds.

Hall’s Hill Labyrinth, Bainbridge Island

The Labyrinth project is a part of a project by Jeffrey Bale. In the Hall’s Hill Labyrinth, you can see a beautiful American Buddhist prayer wheel and a wonderfully crafted little stone labyrinth.

Molson Ghost Town

This town is located in the Okanogan County, near the Canadian border. Here, you can see old farm machinery, pioneer buildings, and artifacts used in the old days.

Tree Root Cave, Forks

At the Kalaloch beach, you can have an incredible sight of a tree that is thriving in spite of the fact that its root system is exposed and unanchored. Only a few delicate roots support this tree.

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