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The Museum of the Bible is a recently opened state-of-the-art museum in the capital of United States. This new museum in Washington DC solely focuses on the impact, narrative, and history of the Bible. Tourists who are planning to go on Washington DC private tours with their friends and family members should try to check out this museum while they are in the city.

The authorities of Washington DC Museum of the Bible has officially declared that the main goal of the museum is to educate natives and tourists about the history of the Bible, its impact on different societies, and about its different narrative forms. The massive 430,000-square-foot museum is surely a wonder of architecture and design; this structure was designed by seven firms.

The majesty and stunning architecture of the Museum of the Bible will surely amaze you as soon as you set your foot through the elegantly designed 40-foot bronze doors. The grand lobby of the museum is awe-inspiring and it contains a digital display on the ceiling, which puts up different colorful designs throughout the day. Tourists who are visiting the Museum of the Bible will soon realize that this museum is not like any other museum in the city.

The museum will be open to both natives and public from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm every day except on Sundays. In addition to that, the Museum of the Bible will remain closed to the public on New Year’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving too. Another interesting thing to note is that the museum does not charge an entry fee from visitors, but authorities often encourage visitors to make donations.

Tourists who are planning to visit the Museum of the Bible while they are in the capital of the United States should note that they would need timed passes to gain admission to the museum. The good news is that you will be able to book tickets online and even make group reservations through the official website of the Museum of the Bible.

You should take note of the fact that there are six floors in this museum, which houses a collection of fascinating and historically significant objects. So, you might need to spend an entire afternoon or even a day in the Museum of the Bible to see all the objects that are housed inside this massive museum.

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