What To Consider When Seeking Solar Panel Loans

You could be nudged towards one form of lending institution or the other when determining in what way to fund solar panels. Never make a rushed decision regarding that; be as judicious about it as you would with choosing a solar contractor Los Angeles based.

When going ahead with the solar panel purchase, inform your seller that you intend to analyze many lenders’ options first. Even a 1% difference in the loan interest may cost you or save you thousands of dollars over the duration of the financial product. Read on to know which other considerations to make when seeking solar panel system financing.

The Solar Panel Loan’s Rate Of Interest

The least you pay on the loan product, the quicker you will pay for solar modules through savings in energy.

Repayment Terms

You would like to have the terms that seem ‘just right’, at least on paper. In the event of the term being too short, then your month-wise payments are likely to be too lofty. If it is way too long, meanwhile, you would eventually pay more money in interest as compared to what you should. You would like to discover the shortest term that you could comfortably afford.


Some of the best panel financing advantages are a discounted rate of interest for choosing the auto-pay option, easy access to the loan details, plus unemployment protection.

Credit History

With a stronger credit history, plus a higher credit score, you will have better rates of interest and terms from a lender. Therefore, make the effort to boost your existing credit score and then apply to the lender for the solar loan.

Whether The Financing Option Is Right For You

This is another factor to think about when looking for a solar panel loan. After signing a document stating that you agree to take the loan, you may exploit a tax credit from the US federal government. Depending on the area of your residence, you may be entitled to local and state tax incentives, as well.

The solar investment tax credit enables deducting 26% of what you spend on the solar power system out of your US federal taxes. That incentive will drop to 22% this year, and it will expire for every residential installation in 2022. Anyhow, in the event of installing the system worth $12,000 this year, $3,120 would be the government tax credit.

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