Where To Find The Best CBD Cream In Washington DC

If you are someone who is newly hearing about CBD and using it, then you must be in utter awe in what this herbal drug can accomplish. What is eye-popping is what CBD can’t do rather than what it can. If you want to catch some much needed sleep but insomnia or stress is unnecessarily playing spoil sport, then CBD can help you get back on track and let you slip into nirvana. If you want to boost gut function or raise your mood up, then CBD can help you. What if you are in pain or want inflammation on your ankles controlled? Then CBD can come to the rescue yet again!

With the list of CBD legal countries growing by the year and with the addition of the much anticipated United States of America, the CBD market has taken a rapid change in course and pace. New companies and CBD suppliers are flooding the market, meaning more products to choose from for the everyday consumer.

If you are in a city like Washington then the deal is all the more sweet for you! The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 meant that marijuana was no longer classified as a Scheduled I controlled substance at a federal level. Further Hemp and its derivatives are now considered just as legal as wheat. However marijuana derived CBD is not legal at a federal level and hemp derived CBD must only have 0.3% THC in it.

What makes Washington D.C special is for the reason that marijuana is technically legal to be used there, both for medical as well as recreational purposes, meaning there is a scope for hemp as well as marijuana derived CBD products in the capital. That means customers can choose from creams, lotions, vapes, edible, tea and a whole load of other CBD products.

We will be in pursuit of finding stores and locations that sell the best CBD cream in Washington DC. The choices are quite a lot, so let us get started!

Cannabidiol CBD

CBD is one in the class of a hundred that are collectively called ‘cannabinoids’. The reason that sets CBD apart from the rest of the pack is the strong therapeutic nature of this herbal supplement. The ability to mould it into a variety of products that suit every need is also a great selling point of CBD! This is also the reason why many are moving towards CBD and as far as away from traditional drugs like ibuprofen and paracetamol. Are you still on the fence about CBD?

Ask yourself this question, of which would you rather choose: a healthy herbal drug with close to nil side effects or a conventional one like Aspirin that comes with cardiac arrest and stroke, complimentary? The answer should help you take the leap of faith.

What again is untrue about CBD is the presumption that CBD causes one to be intoxicated on ingesting it. What many fail to understand is that CBD is only a part and not the whole of marijuana/hemp plant. CBD is a strong non-psychoactive substance; so rest assured you will be able to function perfectly throughout the day even if you take thrice the recommended dose. Yes, in case you didn’t know CBD is also used to boost focus and productivity.

The Best CBD Creams In Washington D.C

The residents of Washington D.C are lucky to be in such a “forward – thinking” marijuana state. The future does look quite promising. We have listed down the places which you should check out to get the best CBD creams in D.C!

  • Grass And Co.

This is a hip and funky store that is located at Adams Morgan, 1730 Columbia Road NW in Washington D.C. The minute you step foot into the store you will be greeted with the upbeat ambience! This CBD supplier is one that you will often see at hemp events and are one of the leaders in bringing awareness of growing hemp among the community. If you have tried their products then you will know how much significance Grass & Co. places for quality! It is not just great CBD creams that you find here; they have a great line-up of CBD products that include oils, salves edibles.

Grass & Co. is also one of the stalwarts in the city that provide infusion of CBD with Tea bags, Dark and milk chocolate or flavoured oil that you can include in your cooking the next time you fire up the stove.

It is not just their product that you’ll notice on their showcases, but that of other brands which are just as notable like Green Roads, Kamala’s Nectar, Living CBD and many more.

Green Roads Muscle & Joints

A great CBD relief cream that you will find at Grass & Co. This is a must have if you are someone who gets down and dirty with training in the gym or an impactful session on the field. The thing that comes complementary with such strenuous training is injury and muscle pain. But rather than spray an alcohol based relieving spray or a steroidal ointment to numb out the pain, make use of an all- natural herbal CBD cream!

The Green roads Muscle & Joints CBD cream is a must have pain relief CBD cream that you must have in your training bag. The CBD infused topical cream is potent (150-300mg CBD) to numb down the nerve impulses at the site of pain giving you the much needed sigh of relief. The addition of chamomile extract and lavender oil also helps boost the overall effectiveness of the CBD cream by not only soothing the aching joint but also filling your nostril with wafts of aromatic scents.

The best thing about this cream is that it is non-sticky and does not leave behind a greasy residue that makes you irk. The light formulation will make it seem as though nothing is on your skin! The CBD is obtained from all American hemp-derived sources. The extract is mostly broad spectrum that brings in the benefits of other cannabinoids like terpenes and Chromenes to the mix.

Proper testing and quality standards are both maintained and executed by this CBD manufacturer. You can check their certification for the products on their website or even check up at the retailer. Soothe your aching muscle with Green Roads Muscle & Joint CBD cream!

Living CBD Cream

The easy to use CBD cream by Living is a great CBD product to have within arm’s reach! The lotion comes in a 16oz lotion pump bottle with 250mg of CBD packed in it. It dispenses a defined amount of lotion that you can immediately slather onto your skin. The formulation is non-greasy and nourishing at the same, making sure that dry skin is a problem of the past.

The lavender scenting will further help you relax and let you unwind after a long day. The CBD is nano in size allowing for maximum absorption into the skin. There are plenty of vitamins like A,C, E and other essential oils that further supplement the CBD.

The lotion is extremely subtle and perfect if you have sensitive skin or skin that is susceptible to rashes and reddening quite quickly.

  • Puremed & Fairwind

PureMed is one of the largest CBD delivery chains in the US. You will find all the goody CBD creams you are looking for right here!

It is not just CBD creams, you will find many other products from oils, edibles, capsules, tinctures, salves and massaging oils. Their products are all non-GMO products which have undergone testing from 3rd party lab and strict quality control measures to ensure that you get quality CBD product with the least amount of impurities and additives.

Fairwind’s Flow CBD Deep tissue cream is another one hot of the table, with a powerful formula that is designed to penetrate deep into the tissue removing any strain and relieving pain. It is completely safe and is tested by the Washington state department of Health as a medically compliant product.

The cream is extremely fast acting and is a saving grace for those with arthritis and severe chronic pain. The way the cream must be applied is that you should simply spread it evenly across the skin and not massage it like a salve or wax; the consistency is very creamy-like and there is no need to massage to help blood circulation.

You can check up all the certification of both PureMed and Fairwind’s and know exactly what and how much of it is present in each of their products.

  • Honourable Mentions

There are several brands that only have an ecommerce portal such as Endoca, Lazarus, Kanibi, Green Garden, Verma Farms, Nuleaf and many others which are tried and tested by consumers. Most of them have been in the business for several years and have perfected their craft. They will deliver all across the country right at your doorstep. So if you don’t feel like taking a stroll to the local CBD store then click right away!

The Final Note

That wraps up a few of the best CBD cream in Washington DC that you can buy, but the help of ecommerce has blurred the boundaries and distance. You can be sitting 1000 miles off in another state and you can get the best of the best CBD products delivered to your doorstep.

Now, we might have missed some awesome CBD stores in the city so be sure to be your own Sherlock and search for them!

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