Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Injury in California

Injury Lawyer

Injury Lawyer

An accident and the legal matters that occur afterwards are intricate and so many have doubts regarding both. Read on for the questions that people often ask about personal injury and the answers to these FAQs. After a thorough read, determine whether you need a lawyer, when and for what, and then check here to find and contact one if needed.

When do I have to hire an attorney?

You should contact an injury lawyer when any of these situations apply to you.

  • You or your loved one was hurt and got medical treatment for the same.
  • Another party is partly to blame for your injury-causing accident.
  • You were injured when in another person’s property.
  • Your injuries have a negative effect on your mobility, and thus your capability to work.
  • Your injuries will need continuing medical care.
  • Your request for workers’ comp, veterans or social security benefits was rejected.
  • You or a loved one consumed a medication and consequently, experienced health issues.
  • A vehicle, product, medical device or equipment unit failed to work properly, in turn causing your injury.
  • Your family member passed away due to someone else’s negligent action.
  • A dog bit your kid or you.

For what reason do I have to hire one?

As per an IRC (Insurance Research Council) report, on average, individuals that retain injury attorneys get nearly thrice more money compared to those that do not use lawyers. Insurers have legal teams and claims adjusters to protect their profit by paying injured victims as small a compensation amount as possible. After settling with an insurer, it is virtually not possible to re-approach them for more money. Several factors can have an effect on the reward amount, but without an attorney, you may not get the whole compensation you deserve.

What can an attorney do as my representative?

An injury lawyer can help make your claim ready by doing the following things.

  • Collecting evidence associated with your accident or injuries;
  • Compiling your medical documents;
  • Calculating your injury expenses;
  • Proving that someone else is responsible;
  • Contacting the insurer and asking for a settlement; and,
  • Taking your case to court and fighting for your legal rights, if required.

Besides, having an attorney means that you can focus on recovering rather than filing out documents and handling the insurance carrier.

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