How a Phone System Can Help Improve your Business Productivity

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For most businesses, one of the main priorities is to boost productivity. Most modern business phone systems come with the kind of features, which can help businesses to be more productive. Taking advantage of the following features will improve your company’s productivity should its telephone system support these. Not all business phone systems support all of these features, but some do.

Mobility Features

Mobility continues to transform the telecommunications industry, and it can help make your business more productive than before. By mobility, we are referring to features that will enable your mobile device to be your office phone extension, so you will not miss a big call, even when you are on the go. Mobility features improve communications between your colleagues and customers, offer an additional level of convenience for customers, and promote a strong work-life balance.

Voicemail to Email

As the name implies, this feature allows you to send voicemail messages to an email account. When you get a new message, you will immediately receive a mail notification to a mobile device or computer. This offers the user the flexibility to look at voicemails as easily as they check text messages, regardless of where they are. Voice to email makes it easier to notice important information and pass it on to others.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Video conferencing and audio conferencing enable you to work with others from any place. Some telephone systems offer conference bridges, which allow many individuals to call a special number, and others allow users to add individuals to a call. More advanced conference systems allow you to chat face to face with others on the call, share your screen and share documents. You can add conference phones easily to your telephone system; making this move will improve your ability to talk in groups. This improved ability to communicate will give team members added flexibility and will improve your overall productivity.

Scheduling Phone Calls

Although sometimes it is unavoidable, unexpected phone calls can break the continuity of your workflow. A good thing to do is to schedule your phone calls with customers and colleagues in advance to help every person organize their time in a better way. Advanced conferencing systems can integrate with your Microsoft Outlook email client, which makes it easy to both schedule and coordinate phone calls.

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