What Are The New Trends In Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a sub-section of electronic signage that uses technologies such as LED, LCD and Projection for displaying image and video contents. You can often see LED digital signage in public parks, restaurants, airports, subways, stadiums, etc.

Digital signage fulfills a variety of goals. They are used to deliver public information like news, weather, or directions. They also help in the promotion and advertisements of various products and services. Digital signage is now an essential part of customer service in various industries. It improves the customer experience by reducing the waiting time in banks, restaurants, museums, etc.

As the technology is evolving rapidly over the years, people want new and exciting ways to display contents on digital signage.

New Trends in Digital Signage

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Much like all the other technologies, digital signage is also embracing artificial intelligence.  They can enhance the monitoring and campaign management carried out by digital signage. The more easier and precise method of data analyzing by artificial intelligence helps in deciding which content should be shown to a specific customer. For this they will analyze multiple databases and indicators. They can use modern algorithms that are able to detect a person’s sex, age and even their mood at that particular time and determine the appropriate advertisement for the moment.

Interactive Digital Signage

They are mainly used in restaurants and fast-food chains. An Interactive digital signage in a fast-food chain helps the customer to select their order without waiting in long lines. In restaurants tabletop ordering with the help of interactive digital signage is becoming the new trend.  The costumers can browse product catalogs, browse menus and place the orders through the interactive digital signage. Other industrial sectors are also embracing the advantages of interactive digital signage.

Touch Screen

From your smart phones to mart TVs, touch screens are everywhere.  Due to the rapid expansion in the use of touch screen hardware, the innovations in the touch screen technology is also coming in fast. The application of touch screen in the digital signage helps to improve the interaction with the customers. The new innovations in the multi-touch technology will be useful for the interactive self-service in many of the industrial sectors.

Live Streaming

With the new cloud based deployment, it is now very easier to stream live contents on the digital displays. With a right digital signage solution, you can watch live news feed, see live sales update or even watch a live baseball match. With the help of new technologies, even the viewers can join the live stream with the help of camera integrations in the digital signage.

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