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The metal you select for your wedding ring is very important as it influences the life of the ring and its beauty. Therefore, you should make an informed decision on the metals after considering all its important properties. Make sure you keep this information in your mind when you choose from the Beverly diamonds. Below is a discussion on the White gold and Titanium metals that are used for the wedding bands.

White Gold

White gold is characterized by its white or yellow shade. Besides, it is a precious metal, but note that it is not a hypoallergic metal. It also undergoes material loss resulting from wear.

The normal shade of gold is yellow. You can visualize by imagining a gold chunk taken from the earth – it is yellow. To acquire a 14 K white gold ring, the maker will use 58% gold and blend with 42% of white metal amalgams, for example, nickel. This mix winds up being a “white-ish” shading. To get a genuine white shading the producer will use rhodium plating on the ring. However, in a very brief time, the rhodium plating wears off and the genuine nature will noticeable.

Numerous individuals raise this issue to their gem dealers that they do not value this shading. To take the shading back to its initial condition, the ring must be cleaned and afterward, rhodium-plated once more. Each time the ring is cleaned, a small amount of the gold is polished from the ring bringing about a lighter weight and more slender ring. Furthermore, the expense of the rhodium plating can be as high as $50.


Titanium is normally a grayish hued metal and is very solid. It is light in weight and hypoallergenic. Note that it does not undergo any wear due to wear. However, the underside is that they take up scratches comparatively easily.

Titanium in its normal shading has a slight grayish tone. It tends to be well-polished to get a glossy intelligent look. If a finished texture is used on titanium it makes the shading darker. Titanium is very lightweight. When you are wearing a titanium wedding ring, you might even lose the feeling that you have a ring on your finger. It is nearly as light as aluminum. A titanium ring is capable of taking a huge amount of rough treatment. You can hit it with a mallet and it will not twist or break.

Consider the above factors as you look to purchase the right metal for your wedding band.

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