Is Switching the Type of Garage Door Springs a Good Idea?

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Garage door springs are one of the most important parts of the garage door unit, which work to keep the door functioning properly. There are two types of springs used in modern garage doors – extension spring and torsion spring. Both of these have their own pros and cons, so you might have thought of switching one for the other at some point. However, is doing so a practical option?

Torsion garage door springs are much more common than extension springs in the United States. These are located on the shaft at the top part of the garage door, and work just like the springs on clothespins. Extension springs, on the other hand, can be found at the side of the garage door. They are coiled with hooks and stretch like a normal spring every time you open the door. Although there are various designs and types in both the garage door springs, they all work in the same manner.

Torsion springs are more durable when compared to extension garage door springs, although both are prone to wear and tear over time due to the constant functioning of the door. Note that garage springs can wear down quickly and break if the door is not balanced properly during the installation, or when it is too heavy for the springs to bear the weight of the garage door, which is why some would need garage door spring repair in order to make sure their doors are operating smoothly.

Switching to Torsion Springs from Extension Springs

Of course, as torsion garage door springs are more durable than extension springs, many people look forward to switching to the former from the latter. That is surely possible with a compatible conversion kit, but you will also need to change other essential garage door parts like the cables, shaft, bearing plates, spring anchor brackets, bearings, etc. Besides, it is also significant to get the right kind of torsion springs according to the weight of your garage door, and see if it compatible with the make of the door.

Now when it comes to doing it yourself, that would be a no-go in this case. Remember that the garage door springs are coiled with a lot of pressure to keep the door balanced and raise it. So if any mistake happens while removing the old spring from the garage door, it can damage the entire unit; or worst – you get injured in the process. In addition, as you are switching the garage door spring to an entirely different system, proper knowledge of the same is a must to make sure things go well as intended.

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