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Owing to the fame and reputation of the Louvre Museum, the place gets extremely crowded on most days. This could add up to more than 3 hours of a wait sometimes. Note that many tourists have a limited amount of time in the French Capital and it feels terrible to waste a few hours standing idle. This is why it is recommended to use one of the few other entrances to the museum. This way, you could enter the museum quickly and avoid boredom. Below is a discussion of some of the lesser-known entrances of Louvre Museum during your tours of Louvre in Paris.

Porte Des Lions Entrance

Previously, this entrance was exclusively used to admit groups. Later the rules were changed and the place was open to those with a museum pass or ticket. It is better to come with an online ticket which will avoid a lot of trouble for you. Through this entrance, you get to the area housing Mona Lisa. You can start your visit to the museum by seeing her. However, beware that this is one of the most crowded areas of the museum. Note that this entrance is closed as of 2019.

Le Carrousel Du Louvre

This is one of the best entrances if you are planning to head to Louvre. This is the underground entrance to the Louvre. It is easily accessible for those arriving on the metro. Get down at ‘Palais Royale-Musee du Louvre’ in both lines 1 and 7. If you can enter the place from Rue de Rivoli, come down two sets of escalators to find a series of shops. After these, you will find the inverted pyramid near the entrance of Le Carrousel du Louvre. Although it gets crowded in the summer, it is manageable. Its lines get crowded for long periods but it is never as crowded as the main line.

Porte De Richelieu

This is an entrance which takes you to the sculpture section of the museum. It is located between the exterior Louvre courtyard and Rue de Rivoli. This entrance is not meant for everyone. It only admits tour groups and people who have annual membership pass into the Louvre.

The main entrance line of Louvre pyramid gets quite crowded and long on most days. However, there are several other entrances around the museum that you can visit peacefully. Read about the above entrances and decide the one that suits you.

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