4 Good Reason to Choose a B&B over a Hotel

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Any competent private tour guide Washington DC has to offer would recommend finding a place in the city that affords comfortable stay. Normally, people book rooms in a hotel, but there is a wonderful alternative available: B&B. Below are some of the reasons to choose this.

Beautiful Properties

Some of the B&Bs you will find in the city simply look too good. You can choose to stay at a country home, or a lodge or retreat. No two of these look the same, which means you can enjoy unique experiences each time you visit the city. The rooms are furnished individually, with pictures of each on the website for easy picking. These are not the cookie-cutter type that hotels offer either, which means if you have never had the pleasure, you’re really missing out.

Good Food

A delicious, wholesome breakfast is one thing you should not pass up on. B&Bs are famous for the food they provide, which can include all-you-can-eat buffets and even multi-course menus. If you are lucky, you may even get a private table. Usually, people love to breakfast family-style, where they get to meet and mingle with fellow travelers. There is a wealth of information you can get this way; besides, it is enjoyable in ways you do not get to see a lot these days.

Generous Hospitality

B&B culture does not recognize customers, only guests. A person is seen as much more than their credit card and their needs are catered to with the utmost care. Aside from gorgeous accommodations, you stand to draw deep from a well of hospitality, with welcome attention paid to your needs while you are staying in DC. You can find help solving problems relating to weather, transport, and information. The friendships you strike up with any staff are guaranteed to be pleasant.

Authentic Experiences

The experiences you enjoy at B&Bs are authentic, and quaintly local in contrast to the standardized treatment provided globally by hotel chains. B&Bs owners are usually local residents, meaning they are good for all kinds of information you will need. Hit the best-known food places, local attractions, and trending activities, even the ones that most tourists do not hear about. You can avail B&B concierge services to fully exploit the local experience, which put hotel concierges to shame.

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