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Washington DC is mainly known for career goals and honoring dead presidents. Almost every traveler might have heard about the political and historical prominence of the city as well. However, do you know that the District of Columbia houses more than 170 embassies and consulates? These deputations are not only an important staple of the political significance of the nation but also it plays a major role in shaping the architecture stories in the city. Below is a list of the most beautiful embassies in Washington DC that you can include on your sightseeing itinerary.

The Embassy Row

Note the embassy buildings that represent multiple nations including Japan, Australia, Italy, and many more located at the Massachusetts avenue is sure to give you a momentary paralysis. No wonder, this informal section is known as the Embassy Row. Each building at this row boasts a unique and diverse style, architecture, and design. In fact, these buildings are designed in a way to reflect the uniqueness of the nation each architecture or legation represents.

In short, this area can be described as the best place in the United States of America to flaunt the ‘Unity in Diversity’ status in the most aesthetic way. If you love to experience such a delightful architectural treat, head on to the Embassy Row on your tours of Washington DC. However, not every embassy building here is open to the public.


The Finland embassy is the first green building in the city of its kind. It can be said that this LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building is one of the best examples to represent a captivating blend of functionality and form. This building is nestled into the spectacular Rock Creek Park and is highlighted with a modern cabin designed with woods.

You can witness a range of Finnish values at this space such as open areas, beautiful connection with nature, a lot of lighting, etc. The back wall of the legation that looks onto the park is made using plain glass so that employees can work while enjoying the heavenly and picturesque landscape.


In case you admire the beauty of contemporary designs, it is recommended to head on to the China embassy located at Northwest Washington. This astounding architecture is design in synchronous with most other major buildings in the American capital city. The building comprises of two wings and is connected beautifully using a simple yet modern garden.

Furthermore, the entire construction is done using French limestone giving a unique appeal and elegance to the building. Other beautiful embassies that you may explore on your private tours of Washington DC include Brazil, House of Sweden, Estonia, Indonesia, etc.

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