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Washington DC is a city of visual delights that will entice any photographers. With a host of monuments as well as iconic buildings in its labyrinths, it is a great place for shutterbugs to explore and capture some stunning pictures. Below are some of the best photogenic places to visit on your Washington DC tours.

The US Capitol

The US Capitol, with its grand structure, is ideal for taking great photographs. You can try varying angles to capture the image of this white structure. The best view, however, is obtained from the east side of the building. If you can make it to the Capitol Building during the holidays, you will be able to capture the fully adorned Capitol Christmas tree on the west lawn.

The Bridge at the Yards Park

If you admire the architecture of the bridge at The Yards, it can be a great place to capture some interesting images too. You can expect great results during both day and night. Note that the place will be heavily crowded during the National Games. So plan your tour well before heading out. Remember that visiting the bridge is not allowed after 10:00 pm.

The Friendship Arch in Chinatown

The most stunning feature of the Chinatown is undoubtedly the Friendship Arch. It is located in front of the Verizon center and makes for an amazing viewpoint to capture pictures, especially at the nighttime. Additionally, there is a four-way intersection in the middle of the road allowing you a few precious seconds to capture the dramatic moments amidst the crowds.


This is a great place to capture some amazing modern-themed pictures. Its architecture creates an irresistible appeal for photographers from all around the world. Note that you might need prior permissions to photograph the buildings here, or else, you will be apprehended by the security guards. You can easily get the required permissions for taking pictures here as long as it is for personal use.

The Washington Monument

By far the most renowned and stunning monument in the whole of Washington DC, this place is a heaven for photographers of all levels. As you can easily get to this destination after your American History Museum tours, that makes it a popular destination for all tourists. The steps of Abraham Lincoln Memorial and the Tidal Basin offer some alluring perspectives to photographers.

Blind Whino (Super Colorful Church)

The Blind Whino is one of the most colorful buildings in DC. You can splash your pictures with colors by capturing the beauty of this grand structure. Besides, you can also visit its interiors to admire the stained glass art as well as art shows.

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