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Washington DC is a vibrant city with many urban flavors. However, if you plan to spend a few days here, you are bound to feel a little uneasy because of the busy lifestyle here. Therefore, it is important to take a little bit of time off and connect with nature in order to bring yourself back to a peaceful mindset. There are several places in Washington DC that will help you do just that. Below are some of the best open spaces and green parks that are the perfect antidote to exposure to urban life. So make sure to include a couple of these when you plan your tours in Washington DC.

National Arboretum

One of the places that can be called a nature lover’s paradise is National Arboretum. This place is located in 3501 New York Ave NE and is sprawled out across 446 acres. With many gardens and an abundance of greenery, this place is the ideal remedy for your craving for nature. Besides, the admission is always free, so go ahead and make full use of your time here.

Hains Point

An ideal place for a leisurely hike or a bike tour, Hains Point is also a green space you can explore on your day out. The best thing about this spot is that you get amazing views of the Anacostia River, Potomac River, and the Washington Channel.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

It might sound a little surprising, but there is an island in the middle of DC. Theodore Roosevelt Island is located in the middle of Potomac River, towards the north of the National Mall. There are several places to explore such as swampy sections, wooded areas, and trails. Moreover, you can bring your own canoe or kayak and spend the day in the water.

Meridian Hill Park

This is a park located near the U Street Corridor in NW. It is a beautiful patch of open space, which you can fully utilize to relax during your tours in Washington DC. You can spend your time here with outdoor activities like soccer or biking, or simply take a stroll enjoying the fresh air.

Rock Creek Park

The Rock Creek Park spreads out across the city, so the place is accessible from many places. There are several places to explore within the premises of this park. You can plan a day of hiking or go exploring the interesting places within the park such as the Peirce Mill; this used to be a mill back in the day, but it is currently abandoned.

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