The Best Local Spots to Take your Kids Fishing in DC

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One of the biggest pleasures in life is teaching your kid how to fish. Not only does it give you the satisfaction of imparting a worthy skill, but it also serves as a wonderful opportunity to spend quiet time with them. Washington often claimed to be the best fishing spot in the country.

Constitution Gardens

The National Mall is not just landmark monuments and museums. If you took a small walk from the direction of the White House, you would see a manmade lake full of bluegill, largemouth bass, and black crapple. This lake flows between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Other than fishing here, you could try out many other activities as well like feeding the ducks and exploring the island. You need a D.C. fishing license to fish in this catch-and-release garden, and be above 16 and under 64 years of age.

The Tidal Basin

This reservoir was built so as to sweep off the high tides of the Potomac River, redirecting it to the Washington Channel, so as to keep it clean. This area is well known for its carp fishing opportunities. Parents should pay special attention to kids while fishing in this area, because there are many large fishes in this area. The part near Indicator Tree, which is close to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, is a perfect spot for camping. There are also paddle boats here, which could be used to go exploring around the place. However, these cannot be used for fishing. The helicopters that constantly fly over the place also offer good entertainment for kids.

Great Country Farms

One of the greatest lessons fishing teaches you is the value of being patient, but it cannot be learned overnight, which is why diversions are essential at a young age. The Great Country Farm has a pond that is full of bluegill, catfish, and bass. If the kids get tired out from fishing, then there are many other exciting activities they can turn to, like miniature golf, oversized slides, a jumping pillow that is actually a huge bound house with no walls and open during all weather, and a lot more. Catch-and-release fishing is the only type allowed here, and your gear needs to be brought along.

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