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The food scene of Washington DC is very alluring and is sure to attract any tourist who is on his/her Washington DC tours. If you are on your DC tours or are planning to go on a tour to the city shortly here are some suggestions of places where you can get a good breakfast, which can leave a lasting impression on you.

Bethesda Bagels

It is usually believed that the best bagels belong to the city of New York. It is also said that there is a reason for this. The tap water in New York City is the best tasting tap water in the country. Therefore, the food that is cooked in New York also gets the best taste possible. This speaks for the wonderful taste of pizza, pasta, and bagels in New York. If you are looking for bagels in the city of Washington, Bethesda bagels will be the best choice before you. It is situated in Dupont, and every penny that you spend here is worth it.

The sandwiches are made with a great lot of contents like fried eggs, bacon, garlic, spinach, cheese, olive oil, etc. Even the pickles they serve here are worth trying.


It is a place where you can grab your breakfast every day from 8 am onwards. As its name suggests, it is a food joint where you can have an excellent taste of foods, ranging from basic eggs and bacon to the advanced onion omelet, lox, and potato pancakes. Excellent food, along with friendly service makes the place an attraction for tourists. The place might be crowded and busy in the morning. That itself speaks of its fame and quality.

Dacha Market

It is a place that serves you sandwiches for breakfast every day of the week. The Bullfrog Bagel is the best one you can take after a hangover. Make Dacha as your destination for breakfast when you feel the lowest and very badly hungover.

The Diner

It serves you the basic diner foods in an excellent manner. You can find it on 18th street, and this can be made as your reliable food source. If you do not want to be part of the crowd, you can get inside and enjoy an omelet with a cocktail. Otherwise, you may have a jumbo slice and cheap beer on the outside.

There are many other places where you can get breakfast without spending much money on your wallet. When you are in the city of Washington, explore more so that you can come across some of the best ones there.

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