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Washington DC is one of the best places that you can visit whenever your vacation mode is ON. The best thing about the US capital city is that it hosts a number of landmarks and other attractions that are sure to amaze every single traveler. Predictably, Washington DC is one of the coolest places in the country where you can spend some quality time.

There will be hardly anyone, who does not love to photograph the beautiful moments, which they enjoyed during their vacation. DC boasts some of the best photogenic locations in the world making it an ideal destination for all the social media junkies out there. In case you are more of a history buff, there are some really amazing monuments and museums in the city, such as United States White House, Washington Monument, American History Museum, etc., that speak about the American history and more. You can also find many interesting and adrenaline-pumping activities in the city such as escape games, scuba diving, parasailing, etc. In short, DC is a perfect package that no traveler can resist.

Why Consider a Guided City Tour

In order to enjoy the charm of the city to the fullest, it is better to rely on a private tour guide and choose a Washington DC tour option. There are many types of tours such as Segway tours, night tours, American History Museum tours, day tours, and many more. Discuss with your tour guide and choose a package that works best for you.

Opting for any of the Washington DC tours will surely make it easier for you to cover most of the important places in the city and you do not have to worry about your reservations either. Anyhow, it may be a tough task to choose a particular tour option. In order to help you out with this, two of the top-rated tour options available in the city are given below.

DC Night Tours

DC Night Tours

Tours In Washington DC

It is really a captivating sight to see Washington DC illuminating in sparkling lights. Obviously, you will be able to enjoy this amazing spectacle only during the nighttime. Additionally, there are a number of nightlife activities and happening nightclubs in the city, which you can enjoy on your tour. There will also be a tour guide along with you to give you necessary information about the places and attractions in Washington DC.

The tour starts with your tour guide explaining the places that you are about to visit and the facts and funny things about the same. You can also ask questions to your Washington DC tour guide regarding those places. During your sightseeing, you can see the historical monuments here in a totally different light. You can also savor your favorite food and beverages at some of the iconic monuments in the city if you have included your dinner in your tour itinerary.

Some of the main spots covered in DC night tours include the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Marine Corps War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, etc. Other interesting spots that you may include in your itinerary are the Pennsylvania Avenue, the Capitol Reflecting Pool, Georgetown, the Washington Monument, and the Federal Triangle. The tour typically runs from 06:30 to 10:30 pm, and is perfect for a romantic night out or a family fun trip.

National Museum of American History and National Air and Space Museum Tour

You cannot wrap up your DC tours without exploring the treasured museums in the city. For this, tour options such as American History Museum tours, Smithsonian museum tour, etc., will be perfect. This type of city tours is the best way to see the enlightening artifacts and artworks in Washington DC that are one-of-its-kind. Actually, you will get to know the past, present, and future of America if you explored the National Museum of American History or the National Air and Space Museum.

The Space wing in the National Air and Space Museum entails each and every detail regarding the US space programs. You will be amazed to learn about the extraterrestrial exploration, the history of flight, people who landed on the moon, etc. The museum will also give you the opportunity to understand what it is like to be an astronaut; you can also clarify your doubts with experts while touring the Space and Research department of the museum.

Washington DC Tours

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The museum also displays some of the items that were originally used in space such as the space jackets, real moon rocks, etc. You can also enjoy the food treats that are designed especially for space like ‘freeze-dried ice cream’. Apart from this, the very first plane that took flight is also on the display.

When you head on to the National Museum of American History, you will be enlightened with many important events that made the United States a powerful nation and how the country made a name for it. Some of the important highlights here include the sword of George Washington, the flag that inspired the National Anthem, a vast collection of ancient gowns, etc.

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