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The capital of United States, Washington DC, can be considered as a bona fide sports town. The city is filled with sports enthusiasts who cheer and constantly support their favorite DC sports team, even in defeat. There are plenty of excellent sports venues, bars, and other attractions here, which are an absolute treat for tourists on Washington DC tours.

If you are into football, then you might have probably heard about the Major League Soccer team of Washington, D.C. United. The football club that has won four MLS cups has a strong fan base not just in Washington DC but also in the entire country. The home ground of D.C. United, Audi Field location is one of the best sports venues in the country and it is something you do not want to miss while you are in DC.

Even though you are not a football fan or a person who has never watched a game of football, you will surely love the excitement, energy, and thrill of witnessing D.C. United playing at their home ground. However, if you are planning to catch a live match from the stadium, you should consider booking the tickets in advance. Below are a few reasons that will explain why you need to experience a D.C. United game at the Audi Field.

Wayne Rooney

Former England international and Manchester United player, Wayne Rooney is considered as one of the finest players England has ever produced. After quitting EPL, Rooney joined the D.C. United football club and he has been absolutely terrific ever since his MLS debut. If you are a fan of Wayne Rooney, then this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to see your favorite footballer in action.

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After joining D.C. United, Rooney said, “Moving to America and MLS fulfills another career ambition for me. I have the hunger to be a success here and will give DC 100 percent.” If you are a football fan who is looking to make the most of his/her DC tour, then you should definitely attend one of the home matches of D.C. United.

The Stadium

Tourists who are visiting Washington DC might not be aware that Audi Field was selected as the home ground of D.C. United just a few months ago. The best thing about Audi Field is that this stadium was specifically designed for soccer. On the contrary, the other stadiums in the city that are designed for playing baseball usually host football games and other sports events.

Most of the die-hard and hardcore supporters of D.C. United will be positioned in the north end zone of the stadium. The chanting, singing, the gratuitous flag-waving, and the terrific atmosphere within the stadium will keep you excited, entertained, and thrilled throughout the match.

The Out-of-the-Park Vibe

If you are looking to attend a memorable football event, then you will want the game buzz to begin even before entering the stadium. This is what makes Audi Field an ideal destination for sports lovers. The fan plaza in the stadium serves as a gathering spot for hardcore D.C. United fans, who want to go through every pre-match detail of the game.

Fans gathering outside the Audi Field stadium will also be able to catch glimpses of the pitch from the outside of the stadium due to the ground-level sightlines. If you take a stroll through the fan plaza and gate of the stadium, you will end up at the Audi Field Fanwalk, a brick walkway dedicated to soccer fans running along the Potomac Avenue.

The Neighborhood

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Out-Of-The-Park Vibe

Another interesting thing about Audi Field is that it is located right in the middle of two popular waterfront destinations in the city. This means that there will be plenty of things to see and do after the game is over. For instance, you can go for wine tasting, grab an ice cream for you and your kids, and even try stand-up paddle boarding before leaving the neighborhood.

The Wharf, which is home to the Anthem music venue, is located to the west of the Audi Field stadium. In fact, the Wharf has gradually transformed into one of the best waterfront destinations in the city, which makes it worth a visit. So, make sure to visit the hot restaurants, shopping centers, and theater in the waterfront destination, as it will make your Washington DC tour a lot more memorable.

It is significant to note that getting a ticket for the home match of D.C. United can be a little bit hard. If you are unable to get tickets, head straight to one of the sports bars near the stadium, grab a few beers, and enjoy the soccer game just like a native.

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