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Washington DC is one of the most overlooked travel destinations in the United States since it boasts a rich history and political background. Actually, the city has many other attractions as well that are sure to make you fall in love with DC at the very first sight. Of course, the popular options here include the treasured museums that will walk you through the past, present, and future of the United States. In addition, there are many neo-classical monuments, scenic natural landscapes, captivating architectural wonders, etc.

DC is a perfect destination for people who are in awe of nocturnal life as well since the city has a number of happening nightclubs. In short, the city has something in store for everyone, be it an adrenaline junkie, architectural buff, historical enthusiast, bohemian-lover, etc. Hence, it ought to be in the prime position of your travel bucket list.

Another interesting thing about Washington DC is that there are around 131 beautiful neighborhoods in the city. As a result, the American capital city showcases an eclectic lifestyle. In fact, people visit DC in order to discover various cultures, festivals, and different lifestyle of people here. Note that you are more likely to find people of almost every religion, economic background, countries, culture, etc., in DC. Interestingly, four households out of ten in the city communicate in a tongue other than English. This points to the diverse lifestyle of people living in the city.

Some of the popular neighborhoods in Washington City are Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, Logan circle, Downtown, Brookland, etc. Out of these, Capitol Hill is the most appealing and prestigious address in DC.

A Trip to the Capitol Hill

Located to the east side of Judiciary Square and Penn Quarter, Capitol Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC that every traveler yearns to explore. Hence, it is recommended to include a Capitol Hill tours in your travel itinerary. This region is known as the political center of Washington DC since it houses most of the historical architectural buildings and centuries-old houses in DC. Most of the row houses here are registered on the list of National Register of Historic Places as well. No wonder, Capitol Hill is regarded as the Largest Residential Historic District in the Nation’s capital.

Capitol Hill definitely has its own fair share of remarkable things to do and see such as the Eastern Market, Hill Center, Lincoln Park, National Postal Museum, Folger Shakespeare Library, Congressional Cemetery, Union Market, etc. Besides, there are many amazing neighborhoods within the Capitol Hill as well such as H Street, Eastern Market, Barracks Row, and Southwest Waterfront. Anyhow, it will not be possible for you to explore all these places on your Capitol Hill tours. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the major attractions that you can venture at Capitol Hill.

The US Capitol Building

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You cannot wrap up your Capitol Hill tours without exploring the US Capitol Building. It was the place where the United States Congress and House of Representatives meet in order to discuss the growth of the Nation. Unsurprisingly, the building is regarded as the symbol of democracy. The construction of this spectacular building started in 1793 and it lasted for around two years. The US Capitol Building underwent many changes, as it was burnt, rebuilt, restored, and expanded over the years. This neo-classical building is worth a visit on your Washington DC tours.

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress in the Capitol Hill is one of the most beautiful places in Washington DC, especially the Thomas Jefferson Building here. You will be surprised to know that a one-hour tour of the amazing library is offered by this cultural institution on a daily basis. You may take this advantage if you are on a budget-friendly trip. Travel around the library and discover about the mind-blowing art and architecture that are sure to outshine all the masterpiece artworks that you have ever seen. Note that the Great Hall of the library is beautified with elaborate and striking decorations. As you would have thought, it took the hard work of more than 50 painters and sculptors in order to create this appeal.

Play Bingo at American Legion

Who does not love to play bingo, that too at the famous American Legion? In fact, this is the perfect option to make your Washington DC tours even more exciting and memorable. The American Legion conducts bingo game on the first Sunday of every month from 01:00 pm to 04:00 pm. You can expect a tourist pandemonium here in order to play as well as to see the game. The winners of each round are rewarded with a cash prize. Besides, there is a refreshment bar in the area and you may enjoy your favorite beverage at a cheap rate here either before playing the game or in between each session. The American Legion is actually a great place to try your luck and win a few bucks or to socialize.

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