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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial pays tribute to the men and women who sacrificed their lives in the Vietnam War. This is a special place in American history, as it is a harsh reminder of the cost of life in a bid to achieve peace. There are certain important locations within the Memorial that you might want to know more about. Below are a few facts about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that you should know before visiting it in person on your tours of Washington DC.

The Memorial Wall

The design for the Memorial Wall was determined through a nationwide competition. Eventually, Yale architecture student Maya Lin’s design was selected to be installed in the Memorial. It was dedicated on the Veterans Day of 1982. The v shapes of the wall are made of 70 different panels. While one end of the memorial wall points to the Washington Monument, the other points in the direction of the Lincoln Memorial.

You can see the name of every individual who lost his or her life in the war inscribed here. Besides, you can also see your reflection on the wall, which acts as a symbol of your connection to the lost ones.

The Three Servicemen Statue

This statue was inaugurated on the Veterans Day of 1984. This statue represents those warriors who returned home alive after the battle. The standing soldiers remind you that they are still watching you over the wall. The statues are seven feet tall and they are standing on a one-foot tall platform. The three figures depict a Hispanic man, and a Caucasian man, and an African-American man. These were the most represented ethnic groups in the war.

Vietnam Women’s Memorial Statue

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial statue was launched introduced to the public on the Veterans Day of 1993. Former Army nurse Diane Carlson Evans led the efforts to acknowledge the bravery of 11,000 women who volunteered in the battle. The bandaged soldier represents the visitors and the statue represents the care that the women took in the war to help the wounded.

Memory Plaque

The memory plaque of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was installed on the Veterans Day in 2004. The structure is located near the Three Servicemen Statue. This plaque was installed to honor those martyrs whose names could not be inscribed on the Memorial Wall.

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