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Washington DC is an incredible place which offers a wide range of option where you can enjoy a weekend getaway with your friends and family, far away from the busy city life. It features many places where you will be able to cherish the beauty of nature and have some adventurous or fun activities. This place is home to magnificent landscapes that are diverse and unique. Ranging from the evergreen forests, idyllic islands, pebbly beaches, rugged mountains, wine country, and twisting rivers this place truly is a paradise for tourists.

In this article, we are listing some places where you can enjoy a peaceful and charming weekend during your Washington DC tours. These are ideal locations for you if you want to take some rest from the fast life of the city and to enjoy a calm and quiet day in the lap of nature.

Olympic Peninsula

This is an awesome destination for you to enjoy the real vibe of virgin nature. This place, which is surrounded by water, is home to different waterfalls along with giant trees and the majestic Olympic Mountains. The place would leave you awestruck with its wild charm and pleasant atmosphere. You will never get enough of this place and will want to visit again and again.


Leavenworth is a beautiful alpine village situated in the middle of the state, nestled in the heart of the gorgeous Cascade Mountains. Leavenworth was modified into a Bavarian-style village during the 1960s by the town leaders to attract tourists, and it really worked. This place will be filled with a large number of tourists all round the year. This is a wonderful destination for you to explore the natural surroundings along with some native food items and different places to shop.

This place will be even more stunning to see during the winter when it is adorned with falling snow and Christmas lights. You can do a variety of activities during this period like skiing, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, etc., and there is also the annual Christmas Lighting Festival. Don’t forget to visit the Nutcracker Museum and the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm also.

There is also a plethora of activities you can do in this place during other seasons too. You can go for river tubing, mountain biking, paddleboarding, horseback riding, wine tasting, and even hiking.

Whidbey Island

It takes only an hour and a half drive to reach Whidbey Island from Seattle. You can take either the ferry or bridge to reach this place. If you are going by the bridge you will come across the Deception Pass which is really stunning and incredibly high which will make your knees weak. Walk across the bridge to see this magnificent view which is really breathtaking.

On Whidbey Island, you can see many picturesque places, historic buildings, and a wharf which holds the marine mammal exhibit. When you stroll around the town, you can also find many boutiques, galleries, art studios, and restaurants too.

Cle Elum

This is a place with astounding natural beauty, which is situated at the foot of the Cascade Mountains. It has beautiful forests, mountains and scenic lakes surrounding it. This is a prime destination for many outdoor adventure activities like hiking and backpacking etc. The place will offer something to everyone irrespective of their age, gender, race or style.

If you are searching for some family-friendly activities, then head straight to Lake Easton State Park where there are some beaches for swimming, grills where you can prepare a barbecue and many playgrounds for children to plan on. If you are looking for something thrilling, then go for a backpacking trip to Tuck & Robin Lakes where you can enjoy the beauty of pristine alpine lakes and spot some mountain goats wandering around.


This charming college town, located close to the Canadian border, is full of astonishing places and wonderful old structures. You can find a larger number of old brick buildings in the Historic Fairhaven, which now hold coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Grab a delicious Fairhaven Pizza along with a Gelato. Make sure to visit Boulevard Park also, where there is also a beautiful public beach and a wonderful playground for kids. You can also take a walk along the boardwalk, where you will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Bellingham Bay.

Friday Harbor

If you are craving for something exciting, then this would be a great option for you. Head straight to the San Juan Islands, which is located between Vancouver Island and the Washington coast. You have to take a ferry to reach this destination, which will be a thrilling experience for you, and if you are lucky enough you can spot an orca whale. Traveling through the sparkling waters which are covered with trees, while the sun shining on your face and the cool wind whipping through your hair, will be a truly fascinating experience.

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