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Washington. DC has several free things to do that involve paying tribute to the nation’s history and its heroes. This includes some of the most iconic museums and monuments of the city including those at the National Mall. These places will help you gain a better understanding of the city’s long history and those who dedicated their lives for it. Below is a discussion of places to visit for paying tribute to the nation’s history on your Washington DC tours.

Pay Homage to the Soldiers Who Sacrificed Themselves in World War II

The National World War II Memorial located inside the National Mall is one of the most important memorials of the nation. It has two 43-foot arches, a field of 4,000 gold stars, and 17-foot pillar for each state, all in respect of those who fought for their nation’s cause. There is also DC War Memorial which pays tribute to the soldiers of World War I.

The Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery pays witness to the Changing of the Guard ceremony in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is held during the hour mark after every hour during the period of Oct. 1-March 31, and for every half hour mark from April 1-Sept. 30. This is also the country’s largest military cemetery. It also houses the grave of former president John F. Kennedy.

The Beauty of the Early 1800s at Anderson House

The Anderson House is the former dwelling of the diplomat Larz Anderson. It was constructed to entertain the important political figures of the early nineteenth century. It was transferred to the Society of the Cincinnati, which is an organization established in 1783 for the propagation of knowledge. You can see various books from the era of the revolution, maps, graphic arts, and manuscripts, as well as archives. Today it hosts events such as book signings, lectures, and luncheons

The Legacy Of Lincoln At Ford’s Theatre

You can witness the glorious legacy of President Abraham Lincoln by visiting the Ford’s Theatre. The Park Rangers offer a free tour of the theater. You can also visit the underground museum where the events leading up to his assassination are explained in detail. The place also houses a stunning Lincoln Book Tower house within the compounds of this place.

Washington DC is a place that has enormous significance in regard to the history of the country. Visit the above places on your Washington DC tours to pay homage to the important events and people that contributed to the country in one way or the other.

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