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Washington is mainly known for its historic importance and neo-classical monuments. This is one of the most populated cities in the United States of America and is rich with its eclectic lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, this beautiful city is one of the dream destinations of almost every traveler. However, there are many serene places in this roaring city, which are unknown to most of the travelers. Some of the best escapes in the city from its crowded streets and bustling life are listed below.

Sip a Coffee in Georgetown

There are many calm and peaceful lobbies in Georgetown, which are known for its cozy and inviting ambiance. You can enjoy a tasty coffee or the favorite drink over here, Valrhona-chocolate that is spiked using cider, every night.

To add to the relaxing atmosphere, there will be a wood-burning fireplace in the lobby of almost every bar and coffee shop here. You can also visit the spas in this street for an ultimate relaxation. Otherwise, you can also go for some meditation classes around the corner of the street.

Notion of Spin

There is a Labyrinth in the University of Maryland’s Garden of Reflection and Remembrance in the Baltimore Avenue. This circular labyrinth is sure to give you a notion of spin. However, this is not as complicated and confusing as a maze; you have to follow a straight path to the center of the circle and back out.

This is also one of the great ways to get connected with nature as you can see many water bodies, picturesque trees, and blossoms, etc., on the way. There are some benches in the circle as well where you can relax.

By the River

One of the great ways to enjoy a peaceful time is to stroll by the river or any other water bodies. There is a picturesque river near to the Riverbend Park in the Potomac Hills Street, where you can find the quintessence of harmony and serenity in the heart of this roaring city. This beloved place is a great place to meditate and to divest yourself of all your stress.

To the south of the river, you can see some benches where you can relax and take pleasure from the magical view of beautiful waterfalls and tranquil river embraced by the green hills and heavy rocks. Additionally, stroll by the trail road that spans around 5 miles in order to enjoy a pleasant walk.

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