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Washington DC is incredibly popular for its historic and political significance. The capital city of America is one of the most populated cities in the nation and hence, you can expect a huge number of people who lead and eclectic lifestyle here. In fact, you will be amazed to know that the tongue of people living in every 10 home here will be different. However, some people have a misconception that DC is only popular for its neoclassical monuments, history, and political scene. Hence, they might skip Washington DC when they think of a happening and exotic tourist destination to spend their holidays.

Note that DC has a wide range of attractions to offer irrespective of your gender, age, and areas of interest. Some of the common attractions that you can see in DC include treasured museums that will walk you through the past, present, and future of the country, adventures activities, cheap and high-end shopping centers, dance bars, restaurants, libraries, and whatnot. Furthermore, one of the major landmarks of the American capital city is the cherry blooms here. Do you know that cherry blooms were gifted to the United States by Japan in 1912 as a token of their friendship and good relations?

While some of these attractive trees were planted in Manhattan, a few of these white and pink leafed beauties are planted in the nation’s capital. Within around a century, these impressive cherry blooms became one of the significant staples or landmarks of the nation. As a result of its immense popularity, the city usually hosts an annual cherry blooms festival attracting a huge number of tourists and mainly, photographers to the country.

Usually, this festival will be scheduled in the spring season, mainly in March and April. However, it depends on the blooming season and hence, tends to change every year. Now, some tourists will be wondering about the perfect spots from where they can capture the enchanting charisma or magic of these pink and white blossoms to the fullest. If you are also looking for the same, some of the remarkable options are listed below.

Washington DC Monument Grounds

Washington DC monument is one of the largest and popular landmarks in the nation. Do you know that there is a rule in the country that no other building here must be constructed taller than the Washington DC monument? Besides, the grounds of this immensely popular monument are perfect to enjoy a bewitching view of cherry blossoms as well as to capture it. Furthermore, head on to the West Potomac Park for a dreamy view of the same.

The picturesque West Potomac Park is located right across the street from the iconic Washington monument grounds. This piece of land rests on the mysteriously appealing blue Tidal Basin and you can see the Jefferson Memorial at its center. You can see a series of benches alongside the park making it a perfect place for pedestrians, tourists, jogs, bike rides, etc.

Additionally, the bikeway is also beautified by bordering it with captivating cherry trees. Needless to mention, sitting on the green lawns here gazing out in the scenic tidal basin through the whitish and pinkish hue of cherry blooms is an out of the world experience that can be enjoyed only in Washington DC.

The United States National Arboretum

Another stunning spot from where you can capture the hypnotizing beauty of cherry blossoms to the fullest is the grounds of the United States National Arboretum. Note that this is an acclaimed landmark of the United States Department of Agriculture Research Service. Here, you can see around 75 varieties of fully grown cherry trees in full blossom. The best option that a tourist may consider in this case is a self-guided tour by foot. You can also hire a car or bike from the Capitol Hill Hotel and explore the area. On a related note, the arboretum is one of the most warm-weather spots in DC where you can dazzle yourself with the beauty of cherry blooms.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Located in nearby Virginia, Meadowlark botanical garden is a perfect spot to click some spellbinding images of cherry blossoms. Apart from the mesmerizing cherry blossom trees, you can also see a wide range of wildflowers, butterflies, birds, gazebos, a scenic lake, and some walking trails at this appealing 95 acres of land.

If you are looking for a peaceful spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city to photograph cherry blooms, this will be the perfect option. To be precise, the best spot in this garden to photograph cherry blooms is the Korean garden that features around hundreds of cherry trees along with a vast variety of Korean shrubs. Note that you can reach the spectacular meadowlark botanical gardens by a half-hour drive from the Capitol Hill Hotel.

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