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Washington DC is a great location, which has numerous historical places and monuments to explore. Besides, there are also other places here that will excite you, no matter what kind of traveler you are. Washington DC also has its fair share of places that are not so well known. Although these places are equally attractive, they are not as famous as the rest of the touristy spots in DC. Below are a few of such secret places that are worth visiting after your American History Museum tours.

Exorcist Step

This place will definitely ring a few bells for the film lovers. These are the very steps where a famous scene from the movie, “The Exorcist”, was shot. In the scene, Father Karras falls down head first from the top. Hidden away in the Prospect Street NW, the place does have a spooky feel to it. Be careful when you climb and descend the stairs, as these are very steep.

The Gibson

This place is a bit difficult to spot if you do not look carefully. It has a black door with no markings nearby Marvin’s. The interior is lit by candlelight, giving it a vintage ambiance and a perfect drinking setting. The place even serves cocktails that remind you of the Prohibition era. Make sure to try some of the specialties here such as Lincoln Theater, Dunbar Hotel, and El Paraiso.

President Lincoln’s Cottage

President Abraham Lincoln’s cottage is one of the least visited places in DC because it is not that known among tourists. This is the place where the former US President spent more than a quarter of his Presidential term and made the Emancipation Proclamation.

Gravelly Point Park

This lesser known spot is a great getaway if you are looking for some quiet time away from the city. It is located right next to the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. To be precise, it is near the north end of runway 1/19. You can bring along a blanket and lie down watching the planes taking off right above you.

National Capitol Columns

This place is situated within the National Arboretum. The columns here were once used to support the eastern portico of the Capitol Building. This used to be the spot where inaugurations of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln were held. The 130-year-old columns were placed in storage until 1984, when it was decided to bring them to National Arboretum.

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