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Washington DC is one of the most beautiful and populated cities in the United States that you may consider for your holidays. Even though the city is mainly known for its political and historical background, there are many other attractions in the city, which are sure to woo any traveler. In fact, these attractions make Washington DC one of the hottest travel destinations in the world.

Some of the popular attractions in the capital city of the United States include the Smithsonian museums, national memorials, neo-classical monuments, nightclubs, natural attractions, and many more. So, you can choose Washington DC to spend your holidays without thinking twice.

One of the best times to visit Washington DC is in the month of November. At this time, the weather in the city will be at its best, and if you are lucky, you can see the snowfall as well. However, since November is one of the peak times in DC, you will have to make your reservations at least two to three months prior to your Washington DC tours. Below are some of the popular November attractions in the city that you must not miss on your Washington DC private tours.

The Brilliant Portrayal of American Workers

Have you ever wondered how the traditional workers in the United States look like? Well, you can discover this at the National Portrait Gallery in the exhibition called ‘the sweat of their face’. The exhibition includes around 81 paintings, sculptures, and videos of American workers. You can see some models portraying the American labors during the ancient period as well.

Food Fest at the Union Market

One of the main attractions of DC is their delicious cuisine, and you cannot wrap up your DC tours without relishing the authentic food here. On a related note, there will be an amazing food fest at the Union Market from November 10 to 12, and there will be around hundreds of food stalls and vendors in the market at this time. The price range of different food products normally here ranges from $15 to $100.

Craft Markets

The month of November is perfect if you want to satisfy the shopaholic in you. At the National Park, there will be a craft exhibition in the second week of November 2018. You can shop for unusual jewelry pieces, clothes, handmade goods, and many other unique items during this annual fair. Besides, you can expect some affordable food dishes as well in the exhibition.

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