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The Newseum in the capital of the United States is one of the famous and most visited attractions in the city. In fact, millions of visitors from all over the world to visit the internationally renowned interactive museum that explains, promotes, and defends the Right of Free Expression. This high-tech museum in Washington DC focuses on promoting the First Amendment’s five freedoms, petitions, assembly, press, speech, and religion.

This seven-level museum, which was opened to the public in the year 2008, contains a number of numerous interactive elements. This has in turn made the Newseum one of the cutting-edge museums in the entire world. The Newseum remains open to both tourists and natives every day from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm except on January 1 and December 25.

Adults who are in the age range of 19 to 64 will have to pay 24.95 dollars in order gain admission to the Newseum, while the admission fee for seniors is just 19.95 dollars. On the other hand, kids and children aged 7 to 18 will have to pay just 14.95 dollars to enter the Newseum in Washington. Admission to the museum is free for children aged 6 and below.

Several tourists who are visiting the Newseum start at the bottom level and work their way to the top. This is not a good move, as this museum was designed for visitors to start right from the top level and work their way down to the lower level. It is also significant to note that you will need at least four hours to explore each one of the levels of Newseum. If you are taking your kids with you to the Newseum, then you should note that some of the exhibits inside the museum are not appropriate for young kids. In fact, the Newseum of Washington DC is well suited for kids aged 12 and above.

If you were a person who loves films, then you would surely be thrilled to hear that the Newseum in DC houses 15 theaters. These theaters often host artistic performances, debates, town hall gatherings, public programs, and film screenings. Visitors will also be able to watch Broadcast Control Center controlling the entire day-to-day activities of the Newseum while visiting the theaters.

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