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It is true that Washington DC is a city that is visited by people from around the world. However, there are certain facts about the city, which are not known to many. The truth is that even the people who live in the city do not know many of these facts. Here are some important things about the city that you may not have known before.

The Color Secret of the Washington Monument

You can see two colors on the Washington Monument. This will be so clear if you visit the monument on a rainy day. While you are on your way up to the monument, by one-third of the way you can notice the transition in color. This is because the funding of the construction project of the monument was affected in between, and they were forced to use a different kind of stone that was less expensive than the previous one, to finish the construction.

The Color Secret of the White House

Did you ever know that the White House was not white in color? It was originally grey in color and did not have the glamorous appeal as it has today. Later the British set the building on fire. Following that, the sandstones were repainted with white paint, and that is how the White House became white.

Foreign Designers

The Capitol Building and the White House are the two important architectural structures in the city of Washington. Most of the tourists visit these buildings during their Washington DC tours. However, hardly anyone knows that these buildings were not actually designed by the Americans. It was a British doctor who designed the Capitol Building, and the White House was designed by an Irishman.

The Pets at White House

It is a rarely known fact that the American presidents had pets of their own in the White House. Some famous people around the world gifted most of them. The Sultan of Oman presented President Buren with two tiger cubs. A parrot belonged to Andrew Jackson. Thomas Jefferson owned two bear cubs, and William Harrison owned a goat. The most famous pets of the White House were the alligators that lived with John Quincy Adams and Herbert Hoover.

Wine Drinking Record

Among all other states of the U.S.A, Washington is the state where people drink wine the most. It might be because of the presence of many good wineries around. It is a great achievement for such a small region.

Movie Theater in White House

The White House has its movie theater where the President can watch movies with his family. It is Jimmy Carter holding the record of watching 480 movies in this theater.

It is good to know these normally unknown facts when you are on your Washington DC tours.

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