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It is true that the Capital of United States, Washington DC, does not have the reputation of being a spooky place. There is no denying the fact that this iconic American city has witnessed some of the greatest triumphs and struggles over the years. However, tourists who are going on Washington DC tours often forget that Washington DC, which has seen its fair share of legendary figures and shattering events, is also home to several creepy and haunted places.

Ford’s Theater

John Wilkes Booth assassinated American President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865 at the Ford’s Theater. This was one of the shocking incidents in the history of the United States. However, several years later, the authorities transformed the theater into a museum and opened it to the public.

The tragic past of the building continues to haunt guests in the form of the ghost of John Wilkes Booth and Mary Todd Lincoln. In fact, a number of actors who were performing at the Ford’s Theater became sick during their performance.

The Octagon Mansion

The Octagon Mansion, which was built in the year 1800, was initially owned by John Tayloe and his wife. The Octagon Mansion served as a temporary White House when the British burned down the original White House when Madison was President of the US. This historically famous mansion is considered as one of the most haunted places in the entire city.

Tourists who stayed at this mansion reported that they were able to hear distinct footsteps of both a man and women. Some witnesses also added that they were able to find the outlines of the feet of an unseen woman.

The Old Stone House

The locals in the city often ask tourists to stay away from the Old Stone House in the city. This is because the natives of Washington DC believe that the Old Stone House is home to the most terrifying ghost in the city. The haunted spirit in the building, who is referred to as George by the locals has pushed and choked visitors. Some witnesses have also reported that they were able to see an unknown young man who is in Civil War attire walking through the building.

If you still have time after visiting all these haunted places, try to check out the Walsh Mansion, Lafayette Square, and Woodrow Wilson House before ending your Washington DC tour.

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