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One of the early suburbs in Washington DC, Columbia Heights is full of modern architecture. Most of the historic buildings here are rustic and grand. This suburb underwent developments after the American Civil War and even in early 2000’s. It is full of electric streetcar lines that help cope with growing transportation. Add to that a population of Hispanic ethnicity and the presence of Meridian Hill Park, and you have an ideal place to spend an evening off the touristy places along the National Mall nearby. So, if you are on Washington DC private tours, head to any of the below locations in the streetcar suburb to make the cap off the trip.

Meridian Hill Park

This early 20th Century urban park in the heart of DC is replete with fountains, shady trees, and statues of Joan of Arc, Dante Alighieri, and sculptures of other historical figures. If you want to spend a picnic with family, read a classic book in solitude, or go for a jog, this park will serve as the ideal setting for your interests. The green pastures here hops with millennials practicing yoga, and families playing Frisbee during the weekends. Its main attraction is a drum circle held on each Sunday afternoon.

Mexican Cultural Institute

This institute, housed in a mansion that held the Embassy of Mexico during the 20th Century, plays host to art exhibits and music concerts. The events organized here not only throw lights to cultural past and present of Mexico but also bring together the native community. Inside, it has a mural that reveals the history of the bordering nation to the south of the US from ancient times through to the present day.

GALA Hispanic Theatre

This performing arts venue, which sits on the balcony of the former Tivoli Theatre, hosts plays in Spanish language with translation in English at the same time. Tivoli used to be the largest theater in Washington DC. It got bought by Warner Bros. in late 1920’s, and by District Theaters group in the 1960’s.

The theater survived the 1968 riots that occurred after the assassination of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. It was closed down in 1976, but after it founds a place in the list of National Register of Historic Places, Washington DC chose Horning Brothers to renovate the landmark theater space following the developer’s proposal. GALA was chosen by Horning Brothers, who also collaborated in the project with an architectural firm named SmithGroup.

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