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Rock Creek Park is the place to be in for all things recreation, be it horseback riding, hiking, or sightseeing, among other popular activities. The national park found in 1890 is home to several hardwood trees and serves as a haven for the wildlife. Some of the top pastime activities in the urban park are as follows. Do try them out these pastimes when on tours in Washington DC to make the most of the outing.

Rock Creek Trails

The asphalt roads of Rock Creek Park are rather flat and allow runners, bicyclists, hikers, and those rollerblading to cover long miles prior to meeting another road or a vehicle along the way. If you choose to trail the winding paths of the park on weekends, there will not be any automobiles to block your way, as parts of the park choose to close down access for vehicles during then. Regardless, the park provides an ideal place to trail the tree-lined paths and escape the hustle and bustle of the capital city.

Horseback Riding

The bridleways in Rock Creek Park, which runs through tree-lined paths, are devoted to horse riding. When exploring this trail on a horse, you will not believe that you are in the midst of the capital city, but an oasis encircled by cedars, oaks, dogwood, and beech. The park is home to a namesake horse center, which is situated to the southern side of Military Road and offers horse riding lessons, trails, camping, and so forth.

Live Music and Entertainment

The Carter Barron Amphitheatre is built as a multipurpose outdoor venue, which stages music concerts, festivities, plays, and a tennis tournament that is held annually in July. The open arena situated to the east of Rock Creek Park can seat up to 4200 people. You can access it through 16th Street Northwest. Do check out the schedule of events if you are planning to go there anytime soon.

Wildlife at Smithsonian’s National Zoo

The urban park borders this national zoo’s property, which spans over 160 acres of land and is owned by the Smithsonian Institution. It is a sanctuary for giant pandas, African lions, dozens of flamingos, and several other endangered species. You can access the zoo for free of cost all the year round, although you will have to bear a parking fee for a coveted entry.

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