Top 4 Unique Tourist Attractions in Washington DC

Tours In Washington DC

Washington Tourist Attractions

Once you explore the main tourist attractions through tours in Washington DC, you may need a compilation list that covers some of the off the beaten paths near the city capital. Check out the full list below, especially if you want to explore something new.

President Lincoln’s Cottage

The fans of the ‘Honest Abe’ shall make a trip to President Lincoln and Soldiers’ Home National Monument. A statue of Lincoln welcomes tourists to this place, which is often referred to as Lincoln’s Cottage up north DC. The 16th American president lived at the Soldiers’ Home and is believed to have thought about writing the Emancipation Proclamation, an important document in the history of the US.

National Museum of Health and Medicine

This 1862 museum in Silver Spring community in Maryland is run by the Department of Defense. The museum at Forest Glen Annex houses the bullet, which was shot at the back of Abraham Lincoln’s head, and taken out during the autopsy that followed his death. The museum is also home to a hairball swallowed by a little girl and a colon known as the ‘megacolon’ owing to its size.

Washington National Cathedral

If you are a fan of Star Wars original trilogy, visit the Washington National Cathedral that features a gargoyle of Darth Vader. A small figurine of the antagonist of Star Wars franchise is carved on the exterior of the cathedral. You could identify him from the head-like figure with the helmet. Spotting a giant gargoyle will take some time but not this one if you have seen George Lucas’s classic Hollywood movies. Aside from that, the church is also home to stained glass windows that are gorgeous to look at.

Congressional Cemetery

This 35-acre cemetery in Capitol Hill features the tombstone of J. Edgar Hoover the former FBI director and John Philip Sousa who was an American music composer. The cemetery has been a burial ground for Washingtonians since its launch in early 19th Century. It permits people to walk along with a dog, a privilege which is provided to members of the Historic Congressional Cemetery K9 Corps dog walking program.

Besides, also check out the Fridge DC in Capitol Hill if you are on a visit to the US capital. You will recognize the art gallery by its wall graffiti and murals outside.

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