Top 5 Unusual Tourist Attractions to Explore in Washington DC

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Unusual Tourist Attractions

The Washington DC neighborhoods are home to some of the most unusual tourist places. Below are five unusual attractions to explore on Washington DC private tours.

The Exorcist Stairs

It is exactly where a priest finds an amulet of Pazuzu and the demon-possessed teen Regan throws him out of a window in the movie “The Exorcist”. The staircase featured in the 1973 horror classic directed by American filmmaker William Friedkin is situated behind a warehouse in Georgetown neighborhood. For joggers and fans of the movie, exploring the Exorcist Stairs might just be a spooky thing to do, though it is daunting to climb up the steep stairs.

The Capitol Stones

Your private tour guide Washington DC will tell you about a hidden place in Rock Creek Park, where lies piles of abandoned sandstone originally torn off the Capitol Building during its renovations in 1958. Being unsure where to place the sandstones, the builders renovating the Capitol Building abandoned it behind a shed in the urban park. The Capitol Stones have been there for over four decades thus far. The legend that comes with it is absolutely true.

Blind Whino

This church turn arts club devoted to community-based corporate and cultural programs is tucked away at a dead end in the Delaware Avenue in the Southwest neighborhood. The colorful murals outside the building are instantly recognizable and the murals inside it are psychedelic. It is home to Washingtonians arts and culture for over four years and takes the place of a former Friendship Baptist church built in 1886.

The Summerhouse

This small structure laid on red brick situated on the lawn of the Capitol Building has been providing a quiet place to rest and get water since 1881. It was designed Frederick Law Olmsted, who was commissioned by Congress in 1874 to improve the landscape of the Capitol Grounds as part of the building renovations and development project of the city capital. The Summerhouse adds to the attraction of U.S. Capitol Building, which is recessed back into the landscape with plants on its surroundings.

Fort DeRussy

During the American Civil War, the Union Army placed forts in Washington DC to defend the Confederate soldiers who tried to invade the city from all directions. Only two of the forts now stand as memorials, Fort Stevens and Fort DeRussy, which has been encircled by woods. Situated adjacent to the Military Road-Oregon Avenue intersection, the memorial is accessible through a dirt path that leads into the Rock Creek Park.

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