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Washington DC is a great place to grab tacos any time of the day. In fact, there are hundreds of places in the US capital city, which serve exotic tacos to delight your taste buds. Below are some of the best places to find delicious tacos during your tours of Washington DC.

Taqueria Habanero

This is one of the best places to experience the typical Mexican style delights. Apart from spicy tacos, you can taste tinga poblano, which is a dish with shredded chicken along with sausage. There are also specialties like the tilapia-filled tacos. The ambiance is cool and the dishes draw inspiration from Puebla, Mexico.

El Chucho

With a wide variety of Mexican delicacies to choose from, this should definitely feature in your list of taco destinations in Washington DC. Guests can sip their tequila drinks lazily or enjoy some sunshine in the rooftop deck here. Apart from the kitchen’s tasty tacos, you can try a variety of fillings in El Chucho. The list is topped by marinated pork, grilled octopus, beer-can-chicken, and braised beef tongue.


Basically a street food joint, the place offers some of the most creative tacos in Washington DC. They pack the tortillas with more than a dozen ingredients including combinations like avocado, goat cheese, mushrooms, as well as shrimp. Besides, you can also try tacos topped with blackened fish smothered in a spicy slaw or extra hearty chorizo and steak mixed with potatoes.

Taqueria El Poblano

They have a network of outlets across the town and the tacos served here are totally worth relishing during your tours of Washington DC. Aside from the taco favorites like beer-battered fish, seasoned pork, and grilled vegetable, they also serve fluffy sweet lobster meat as well as roast duck combinations. Furthermore, you can try pineapple-studded al pastor tacos, crunchy shell stuffed from shredded chicken, and grilled shrimp topped with avocado sauce.


A renowned Oaxacan joint, the place offers tasty grasshopper tacos along with a number of other choices. You can try their delicious varieties such as grilled and roasted brisket along with cilantro, onions, and salsa verde. When here, also try the barbecued Rocky Hollow Farms pork combined with Mexican sour orange.

Taco Bamba

This is the only full-time tacos restaurant in the US capital city and features a variety of tacos for you to try during your tours of Washington DC. The place is adorned with beautiful art and is a great hangout spot. The specialties include malt vinegar salsa macha, mint tomatillo slaw, and Sid Vicious, which is a spin on fish with chips.

District Taco

A locally established eatery, District Tacos offers a wide range of tacos options for breakfast. This list includes breakfast tacos with potatoes, cheese, and eggs. In addition, you can try the veggie tacos with saunted onions, green peppers, and pinto beans. These are available on every day of the week. You can also try al castor topped with pineapple and fried pork, which is also a favorite among diners here.

Espita Mezcaleria

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This popular Mexican eatery has earned a lot of followers since its establishment a couple of years ago. The specials include tacos with lime cashew crema, pickled celery, and queso fundido with ramps or chicken wings. When here, also try the asparagus delicacy or the trumpet mushroom combo.

El Techo

This is a cozy little eatery based in Shaw with a spacey terrace view. You can taste the Cajun-rubbed shrimp tacos in combination with homemade pico de gallo and a selection of sauces. You can also check out the sibling-run rice bowls outlet.


This eatery is a taco hotspot as well as a fabulous open-air bar. It literally takes you to the peaceful beaches of Baja. The specialties include Espita Mezcaleria, slinging chicken tinga filled with lumps of shredded chicken. Furthermore, you will also love the vegetarian cauliflower taco, which is said to be very addictive.

El Rey

This is a cool hangout spot, furnished out of shipping containers. The favorites here include abodo chicken tacos and Thai shrimp, and the place gets fully packed on pre-game days especially.


Perched atop the Woodley Park, you need to take a short hike to reach this Day of the Dead themed eatery. It is worth the climb though because they serve some of the most sizzling tacos of Washington DC. The beef tongue tacos are the most popular delicacy here, including long-braised meat, topped with habanero-mango salsa, chopped white onion, lime wedges, and fresh cilantro

Taqueria Nacional

Started by the James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Ann Cashion, this is the only eatery on the T Street in DC. You can find a variety of combinations for your tacos. They fill the tortillas with deliciously fried squad blossoms as well as grilled steak.

El Tamarindo

This place serves appetizing tacos along with drinks and is a fun place to visit on your Washington DC tours. The special attraction is shredded chicken tacos. They also hold Taco Tuesday with specially discounted rates on tacos as well as drinks.

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