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Washington DC is a tour destination filled with museums, cultures and culinary scenes. People often plan for the whole day when they visit a foreign country. Visitors should be aware that, many places in Washington DC closes after 5pm. This may completely affect the plan and you will be left with limited options.

Private tours of Washington DC help people to enjoy the night life offered by the city. Some of the top places to go in Washington DC at night include

Madams Organ

Madams organ got its name from two schools, the Morgan school and the Adam school. It offers awesome experience to both newcomers and regular visitors. They have four levels and the place is filled with vintage fixtures and red lights. The bar also has daily live entertainment. If you are looking for place to spend your weekend, this is the right one.

The Kennedy Center

The building was built in memory of former United States president John F. Kennedy. Kennedy centers is famous for its live performance and this is a must see venue for art enthusiasts. They have live theatre and ballet performances to impress all art lovers and offer a great view of Georgetown. The building has multiple theatres and beautiful crystal chandeliers. The Kennedy center also has daily free performances to entertain people.

Night Walk of the National Mall

You might have actually walked around the National Mall with other tourists during the day. But the place offers awesome experience at night time as national mall looks spectacular at night and you can even avoid tourists. You can take time and visit different memorials without any rush.

National Portrait Gallery

It is one of the Museums which stays open even after 5pm and is open until 7pm. National portrait gallery showcases many iconic works like portraits of Barak and Michelle Obama. The gallery uses storytelling mode to connect with people from various parts of the world. Visitors are also educated about the changes in style of art over the past years.

Capital One Arena

Capital one arena hosts various events and shows and it is used both as a sports arena and a concert arena. It is located close to Chinatown and offers many pop up carts which sells food. They have comfortable and nice seats and most shows are priced reasonably.

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