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The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum situated nearby the National Mall in Washington DC is an ideal place to start off DC bus tours. The museum visit offers a throwback to the Shoah, the genocide of Jews by the Nazis led by Adolf Hitler during World War II. Holocaust is a German word, which refers to mass manslaughter by fire. The museum serves as a memory of the tragic event, which is arguably one of the worst of its kind that mankind has known.

The purpose of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is to educate the visitors on genocide and its atrocities, hatred and its dangers, and obstacles to freedom and dignity. The museum stays open from 10:00 am till 5:20 pm each day except on Christmas, and on the Day of Atonement. Museum admission is free of cost, but from March until August you may need to take tickets to visit its permanent exhibit floors that reveal the Holocaust history. You can get yourselves same-day tickets to get a one-day entrance to the museum in the morning.

The in-person tickets are distributed outside the premises of the museum, which starts 15 minutes prior to opening hours. Advance booking process started way back in November last year, but there is still time left for a coveted entry into the DC museum. There are circulator buses that can take you there on weekends via the Barracks Row and the National Mall route, or you can go by the tube in a subway train on Blue, Silver, and Orange lines. Just a stone’s throw away from the museum resides the Smithsonian Station, if you opt for the Metrorail.

The permanent exhibit titled as The Holocaust is the main attraction of the museum. The exhibition spans 3 floors and retells the history of the tragic event chronologically via photos, artifacts, and film. Each of the permanent exhibit floors in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum touches upon one distinct era or the other. You will come across objects that belonged to the Holocaust survivors, alongside testimonies from eyewitnesses to the Holocaust.

The other rotating exhibitions in the museum touch upon the dangers of violence and discrimination prompted by prejudice. The museum hosts screenings of films and other events, which comprises of testimonials from Holocaust survivors. A benefit of opting for hop-on hop-off DC bus tours over train, is that you can catch other National Mall attractions along the way.

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